Day 12. SeaWorld In The Day! Disney: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party At Night!

11th September 2018

We woke up, quickly and effectively, as we were going to have a busy day. Our 1st plan was to invade SeaWorld and get on all the rides efficiently. We wanted to be at the theme park for its opening. We were a tiny bit off that mark, but we did make it there earlier than usual. Strangely, the parking director sent our car all the way over to the care zone; at the far edge of the car park. We were very lonely & confused by the situation. Why is our car on its own? What have we done wrong?

I love Seaworld. Such a fun aurora flies through the park which always keeps everyone smiling.

Once we were active in the park, our 1st stop was Manta. We flew through the air and I loved every minute of it. I was nervous at 1st however, as my harness wasn’t tight enough. I still stuck to my seat though like I was superglued to it! I do enjoy Manta very much.

After Manta, I noticed a 5-minute queue for Empire of the Penguin. This was a must. Usually, this simulator is always busy. I never understand why though. I did prefer it this time as I never had to stand for 2 hours waiting on it like the last. After the attraction was over, the coldest temperature in the whole of Orlando sent us shivering as we watched the penguins swim and waddle around their enclosure. It was somewhat satisfying.

After this, we went on Krakken twice. I loved this ride very much but I would have liked to try the VR set. Unfortunately, it isn’t working at the time being. Still, a fun rollercoaster without though. Then, we headed to the ride next to it – Journey to Atlantis. I wasn’t dripping in water afterwards but it was fun.

At 12.30, we watched the only animal show we haven’t seen yet. Pets Ahoy! I was expecting pirate cats and dogs but that wasn’t what happened. I was pleasantly pleased with what I saw though. The dogs, cats, pigeons, geese, pig and mouse put on a clinic, showing off their unbelievable skills. They are all rescues! I preferred the Busch Gardens pet show though, as that was more of a thought out story instead of ‘this is what my animal can do’ type of show. Both were thoroughly entertaining.

To end our time at SeaWorld, we went up to the track of Mako. What an incredible ride that is. That is definitely my favourite rollercoaster in the whole world. Even though I enjoy it, it doesn’t stop nerves, but you need to be a little tense to love it, right?

So, that was the conclusion to our awesome SeaWorld travels. SeaWorld gave me fantastic opportunities on this holiday, and I have a lot of gratitude towards them. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye…

To satisfy my stomach’s needs, I had a ‘Charley’s Philly Steaks’ at the food court of the premium outlet, for lunch. It was extremely delicious. I had a chicken teriyaki sandwich, and it was really tasty. Very filling but tasty indeed. I had a sriracha sauce for my lovely fries, which burned my mouth like I ate a lighter. It was hot!

Orlando was like a sauna. It was insanely hot. The heat was crackling on my back, as sweat drained out and covered my body. It was only 32°C but supposedly feels like 38°C; which I totally agree with. My thirst levels were increasing, so I was happy with the decision to return to the hotel for drinks before heading out to the happiest place on Earth.

Once we got on our way, I was actually excited. I did adore Disney’s parks last time I came to Florida but I felt like too much time there took its toll. It is a pretty big place to explore. My favourite park would be the Animal Kingdom, my favourite waterpark would be Blizzard Beach and my favourite ride would be Expedition: Everest. I did enjoy getting to meet Disney Princesses and dance the night away with the Incredibles. I couldn’t believe how much I missed this place. It truly is the happiest place on Earth and I was truly ready for a return to the Magic Kingdom.

We got through security (I still am shellshocked that they have their own police force) and jumped onto the anticipated monorail. I was taking in the sights of the river, resorts and castle in the distance. Remembering, how much fun I had at this park. At first, my initial thought was “why am I celebrating Halloween over a month early?” but then I realised I was ready to kick off Halloween season with a bang! Happy Halloween guys!

First things first was getting to go on a rollercoaster, I never actually got to go on 2 years ago. Maintenance breakdowns and severe weather stopped us each time we tried so I was pleased that my Mum booked a FastPass. We were secured to a ride with Space Mountain. We were able to skip the 30-minute queue and got on in about 5. This ride was amazing. Really thrilling and dark it was spectacular. I actually pumped a little, which set the giggles off for the rest of this attraction.

After this, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party officially kicked in. The place started to darken, and sparks of lightning added to the spooky atmosphere. Loads of people dressed in costume creating a fun atmosphere, where you knew everyone was enjoying themselves. We were given a goodie bag and used it to great effect. Getting the very energetic Disney staff to lob lots of candy into it. I was given skittles, snickers, mnm’s, dove chocolate (Galaxy, as I know it) and lots more. I was even given this applesauce drink. Which was alright as it was refreshing, but taste wise wasn’t the best. There wasn’t a lot of tricks and a lot more treats. If I don’t return home, it is because I have died of a sugar coma.

We also managed to fit a few rides into our schedule. I was wanting Splash mountain & thunder mountain but sadly never got them.

Our 1st scary themed ride was the Haunted Mansion. This felt more spooky than usual.

We also went to ‘It’s a Small World’ which doesn’t need a spooky setting to be creepy. I honestly don’t like that ride and I think it is brutally terrifying. Who actually likes dolls?! Has no one watched Chucky?!

A few other rides that I got on, was the Mad Hatters tea party, which was like a disco,

I got on Winnie the Pooh’s greatest adventures; which was nice & we went on 7 dwarfs mine train – which is always fast and full of delight. This took us up to the time of the fireworks.

The fireworks were amazing. It was a celebration of the Disney villains, and it lit up the sky with such grace. I loved it. If there is one thing, Disney can do better than the rest of its competitors, I would say the fireworks. The Disney castle always looks beautiful with the lights of a firework behind it. This display is a must-see if you ever think of visiting DisneyWorld during the autumn season.

The next thing we saw was the Halloween parade. It started with the gallop of a black horse and on top of this horse was the headless horseman. He was really impressive; as he managed to not crash into the viewers watching behind the white ropes. He kicked off an excellent parade. Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Jack Sparrow and many more made an appearance to celebrate Hallows end. I was impressed with the gravediggers as they were using shovels in their mystic dance routine. They even created sparks on the floor! Also, Donald Duck blew a kiss to the camera which was sweet. To end the parade, the villains went bump in the night. I saw Jafar, Captain Hook & even the bad guy from Meet the Robinsons! I forgot all about that film! This parade was really good and I am glad I got to witness it.

We were not managing our time at the near end, however. We only had 20 minutes until 12 o’clock would come around and the Hocus Pocus show will begin. We thought we would have enough time to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. We lost our glass shoe when the clock struck 12 as we missed the beginning of the show. This ruining our good view, but at least I got to see some of it.

Once it was over, we headed straight for the monorail as did everyone else. The park’s population last night was apocalyptic. We did get on the monorail though and were able to exit the park safely. We were parked in Hook and left the world of Disney at 12.30 in the night.

I wasn’t tired though, the sweets have done me well. We returned to our hotel and took all of our sweets out of the bag. Yep, definitely going to die from a sugar coma. You’ll hear me bouncing from the other side of the world that is how mad my sugar rush will be! I loved my day yesterday and was happy that we did visit DisneyWorld for this reason.

Guys, I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and I will see you all with the next one – as we are heading out to Universal, as our holiday is drawing to an end. See you all with that one! Bye!!!


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