WWE TLC 2019 Predictions

Well, WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2019 creeped up on us like a nightmare before Christmas, didn’t it?

With the use of tables, ladders, chairs (and sometimes stairs), WWE TLC is one of the most extreme and exhillerating PPV’s of the year!

So, with that being said, let’s predict the final WWE PPV of 2019 – WWE TLC:

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship – TLC – Kabuki Warriors (c) vs Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair

WWE love pushing Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in the same storyline – partners or rivals – they never leave each other’s side!

This time around The Man could become Becky2Belts once more as she teams with Charlotte to take on the threatening force of Asuka and Kairi Sane, in a tables, ladders and chairs match!

Expect this to be energetic and thrilling throughout.

The ending is a challenging prediction but you can’t have them simple all the time.

Therefore, I predict Becky Lynch and Charlotte actually do become the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Prediction: Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair

Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy

Undoubtedly, this match will be a candidate for match of the night – possibly could enter the match of the year debate, a few weeks before 2020.

I just cannot wait for Buddy Murphy to knock on Aleister Black’s door and for them both to steal the show!

Just be thankful that these guys are actually getting used more often post-draft.

I think Black will win here but expect it to be really fun!

Prediction: Aleister Black

SmackDown Tag Team Championship – Ladder – New Day (c) vs Revival

I’ve been requesting for a New Day ladder match for ages now – desperate to see New Day and Uso’s tear the house down by making the climb.

Finally, my request has been granted.

New Day vs The Revival will be happening in a ladder’s match – only way to win is to climb the ladder and retrieve the tag straps.

This match would have been brilliant without the stipulation, but expect increased action now that ladders are involved.

I believe Kofi Kingston and Big E will be standing tall at the end of this affair.

Prediction: The New Day

Universal Championship – Bray Wyatt (c) vs The Miz

Yowie-Wowie! Bray Wyatt is not the Fiend in his encounter with The Miz tonight!

I would say the most interesting match on the show, Bray Wyatt will fight as Firefly Funhouse presenter against The Miz (in a non-title match). This offers many questions:

  1. What will Wyatt’s attire be?
  2. What is the mental state of the Miz after Wyatt scared his family?
  3. Where in the world is Daniel Bryan?

I am going to pick Wyatt for the win here – with wishful thinking that Daniel Bryan will make his impactful return in some shape or form.

Will Bryan be bald or clean shaven?

We should expect another Universal Championship match to begin its roots here, with Bryan vs Fiend being set up for the Royal Rumble.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt

RAW Tag Team Championship – Viking Raiders (c) vs TBA

Viking Raiders have set up their next raid when they defend the red tag straps in an open challenge at TLC.

Will they conquer? That all depends on who faces them…

If it was Street Profits, O.C. or the B-Team for crying out loud, I will predict Viking Raiders, easily.

However, I think AOP will be answering this battle and this makes the prediction more intriguing. AOP have formed an alliance with Seth Rollins, who has recently turned heel.

This makes me undeniably say AOP – if they answer the open challenge – will become RAW Tag Team Champions tonight.

Prediction: TBA (AOP)

Tables Match – Rusev vs Bobby Lashley

Fingers crossed it all ends tonight…

Rusev will be fighting Bobby Lashley in a tables match, where it will be similar to David Attenborough commenting on two masculine bears fighting for a female.

I think this would be a great place to lay the love triangle to rest.

Rusev has to win here, with Lana back in his arms again or not, Rusev Day must go ahead!

Prediction: Rusev

TLC Match – Roman Reigns vs King Corbin

Will the dog bow down to his King?

Roman Reigns meets King Corbin in a tables, ladders and chairs match – which will hopefully result in the end of their feud.

No more dog mascots. No more dog poop bag promos. No more dog food…

However, I don’t think it will be the finale this their barking mad rivalry.

King Corbin will win here from some wacky interference and Reigns will beat him in the new year.

Prediction: King Corbin

There we go! WWE TLC 2019 has been predicted!

There could be other matches announced, such as Bayley vs Lacey Evans – but there isn’t much time to get that announcement out there.

I’m not a big fan of WWE’s new technique in announcing match cards close to the show happening – they need to build excitement and tension weeks in advannce.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the last WWE PPV of 2019, have a Merry Christmas and I will see all of you in 2020!


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