Happy New Year! Wishing Everyone A Delightful 2020

“When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connnected in the great Circle of Life.”

This is similar to a New Year. When 365 days go by, the Earth has done one full orbit around the Sun and when the day after that hits – what does it do? Starts the process of orbiting again for another 364 days…

A New Year is seen as a fresh beginning for some people. A key moment to focus on things in life that bring you pleasure, pride or both. Even though you can change your life around in a day, people like to wait until the bells toll for January 1st as ‘New Year, New Me’ begins.

I’ve been on this planet for 18 years. That means there is 2002 years since the Roman calender was introduced that I haven’t seen. That should prove why change is a big part of a new year. In the grand scheme of things, your life is over quite quickly. So do something with the days presented to you.

So I have got 182 words into this post without saying Happy New Year to you guys, which is the purpose in this blog. But I have also got a more in-depth meaning for writing this.

2020 isn’t just the start of a New Year. We have now entered a new decade. When you look back at history, unless you decided to go into detail you don’t look at years in particular and instead would increase your understanding on the 20’s, 40’s, 70’s or whatever time period interests you.

It is important to make the decade something special. 10 years is a long, long time to get what you wanted in life. Looking back at everything from last decade and you think of yourself as a different person.

You are. Times have changed – you have changed along with it. Last decade we didn’t have such a thing as a ‘dab’ or a ‘President Trump’ but now we have both and they are just as annoying as each other.

Yes, I do dab, but it can’t be helped – it’s quite contagious.

So, people like to post on Social Media at this time of year; ‘New Year, New Me’ or ‘New Year’s Resolution’ and you know what? Good for them. If they are passionate enough and don’t love themself as much as they should, go ahead become the person you envisioned yourself as. However, not everyone has to get involved in that.

My New Year’s Resolution isn’t to lose weight (I’d be a stick), be a womaniser (I already am…) or go on a 3-day bender as why should I care it is the roaring 20’s?! It is none of those things. My goal is simply to Have Fun. Don’t get too stressed out with Uni, make lots of friends and memories and just enjoy life even more. That should be everyone’s goal, in my opinion.

We are all here together, let’s stop the hate, stop the discrimination, let’s appreicate this gift called life. Let’s do things in life that make us happy – alongside the people that make us happier.

The next 10 years is going to be a massive change from now – but I want it to be a change I’m proud off. I hope future me enters 2030 with a mind full of nostalgia from the past decade. Whether he enters it with a partner, children, a bunch of new friends or the family helping him from the beginning, I want him to have plenty stories that are pinned down with a 2020-2029 date.

It is crazy to think University only takes up three little years of this decade and then I have seven left as an independent adult.

I really want to dedicate that time to travelling around the globe; appreciating diversity and culture. Seeing architecture that blows me away or just eating food that makes my belly fill with content.

If I’m not travelling around (blogging it all, of course), I’d be determined on my film industry career, whether that is acting, directing or both. That is a hobby I’d love to be successful in during this era.

If I can be this full of optimism – so can you. No more trying to fit in to the mold society has made. Be yourself and be proud. I am proud of myself. I can confidently say I love the road I’m going down and I’m a glowing beam of positivity at the moment and it’s only because I’m excited for what the future entails.

Happy New Year everyone! I wish 2020 and beyond is delightful and a year you can cherish forever. ❤


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