Budapest 2k20: Blog Description

“My house in Budapest
My hidden treasure chest”

It’s time to kickoff 2020 with a bang! What better way to spend the winter time than in a European country?

European countries share a wonder, eeriness and mystery that no other continent can find. Budapest seems to be no different.

I wasn’t planning to go away in this cold month, however, when I came back from Lisbon, I ended up holiday searching in curiosity with my Mum. This is most likely the reason why my Parents book lots of holidays.

This is how I stumbled on a cheap city break for Budapest. I could have went myself. However, wanting someone to share the memories with, I also bought my sister, Lauren’s flight and hotel ticket for her joint 16th birthday and Christmas. She was delighted! I thought she would love me even more, but instead she still argues like the holiday isn’t happening. Things just don’t change…

With it being January, I’m hoping for snow – having a white layer above everything will be perfect for getting those wintry photos.

This blog’s intention is to give you guys (the readers) more detail on what to expect this blog. I hope you find it interesting, enjoyable and maybe even decide to visit the country of Hungary yourself.

We will be away from January 4th-7th, so expect a blog on each day. I don’t pin a time to the blog’s as no idea when I will manage to get it written or how long it would take me to write – detailing everything that you done in a day can be long and forceful.

We are also an hour ahead than the usual GMT time zone, therefore, in bed an hour earlier than my Family.

We will be arriving in the Hungarian capital by 13.15, then we will get our transfer into the city centre and check-in to our hotel. All of this leadership is in my hands, and I’m having to be the responsible adult for this trip. God help me now.

On this day, expect to see photos of Heroes Square and the Hungarian Parliament in the evening hours. We are also planning on visiting a few museums.

Sidenote: We have bought 72hr Budapest passes. This allows us to get on public transport for free (something I can’t see me doing unless urgent due to language barrier) but more importantly it gets us into a widerange of museums for free. We are definitley going to make our money’s worth with this while we’re there.

On Sunday, we will cross the bridge which leans over the Danube River. Seeing the Buda side of Budapest. Here, we will spend the whole day sightseeing and walking that much our feet may collapse by the end of it! At least our minds would be full of brand new information and images not seen before!

Some of our visits include; The rock chapel, Buda Castle (where we may take the funicular railway to the top), Matthias Church and a couple more museums. This journey is stretching us right down the Bank.

One of the most exciting things about Budapest compared to other European countries, is the fact that they have thermal spas outside, where the locals rinse their sins away. You wouldn’t really bring your swimming gear on a winter city break, but here I am with swimming trunks in my case, ready to feel a delightful tingle over the body. Not looking forward to getting out and reality biting back again!

I never realised until planning this city break, that most museums are closed on a Monday. It is a day of rest for most Europeans. No more dreading Monday’s. This made it quite challenging to find stuff to do that will keep us away from the freezing air for a while. However, problem solved. On this day, we will be visiting a few sculptures including; the Shoes on the Danube Bank – a historical memorial for the Hungarian Jews killed in WW2. We will also be doing a tour of the Hungarian Parliament building.

To cap off our visit, we will be going on a Danube River Cruise at dusk to see the views from water. I’m hoping the staff don’t get the wrong end of the stick and start playing the accordian while giving me and Lauren a ‘romantic night for two’. Albeit this, I can see this being a pleasurable way to end a few days of excitement.

On Tuesday, we have to get up very early to catch our transfer and get back to the airport. Predicted back in Scotland by 9am.

I’m really excited to explore another city, another culture and get my travelling fix of the month. A way of appreciating the culture, I’m going to try their national dish of Goulash while there. This seems to be a slow-cooked stew of beef, some vegetables and paprika to give it that extra kick! We will also be trying one of their famous desserts, a curly doughnut with chocolate spread around it – chimney cake.

I hope you guys will stay tuned as starting tomorrow, you will get a daily blog until Tuesday. If you want to get more than just a daily blog – follow my Instagram to get the running of my list in story format.

Also, some point once I’m back, there will be vlogs going up on my YouTube channel. If you’d prefer to see the sights with your very own eyes instead of words driving your imagination, then subscribe! I’d recommend doing both!

Have a great one guys and I’ll see you in this “hidden treasure chest” tomorrow.


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