Day 4. Heading Home After A Breathtaking Break

City Breaks are all about exploring the whole city and getting as much as you can get done in the few days you have. They aren’t supposed to be long. They’re supposed to be cheap ways to see a new place. However, it is quite gutting when you have to leave somewhere you have spent your last three days sightseeing.

Lauren and I woke up at 2.20am, got ready quickly and said goodbye to Hotel Thomas at 2.45am. A cosy stay for our time in Budapest by the way.

This was a 30 minute walk in a dark, lonely city. Only us, a few taxis and the mist breathed out in this -8 temperature.

We finally made it to the bus, in fear that we will miss it.

At the airport, the security dude liked my Christmas jumper, which made the process quite comfortable. Then we went to Costa Coffee to await our flight. Did you know they do alcohol in your hot chocolate at this Costa?! I went for a simple hot chocolate though – it was only 5am in the morning…

The Ryanair flight left at 7am; the sky was quite clear and the sun was rising, so, I managed to see snowy mountains and European towns covered in snow. Why was Budapest not covered in snow?! šŸ˜¦

The landing was a scary moment! We weren’t welcomed back nicely by the Scottish weather and the wind shook the plane to its core. Luckily, a safe landing still occured.

The Hungarians cheered this – unfortunate for them, they are experiencing Scotland rain in full force.

Greeted by our Parents, we were drenched by the time we walked to the car. Once home, reality kicked in – The Budapest city break was truly over.

This city is incredible. The cathedrals, the architecture, the peaceful Danube river, the cheery locals and the delightful food. Everything about Budapest is heartwarming.

If you ever get the chance to visit – take it with both hands as you will have a ball of a time. Just make sure to use the trams and buses to get to and from sights, as we learnt our lesson, walking over 40 miles in total.

I will take great pride in this trip. I booked, paid for, planned and got around the city successfully, with full responsibility in looking after my not much younger sister. Also, I kinda contradicate this website as I never got lost!

Thanks for joining me on this amazing trip – Stay tuned to the Vlogs coming to YouTube in the next few days! I’ll see you with the next destination. ā¤


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