Capri Is The Most Romantic Place To Spend Valentine’s Day This Year

Love is in the air today as the 14th February marks another Valentine’s Day. If you have a special someone, you may want to take them away to get some quality time with each other and make more memories on the path towards forever.

Whether this be a French Snog under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a helicopter ride for two above New York City, a show on the West-End, or even a relaxing evening in Hawaii, there is many ways to make this years Valentine’s the most perfect!

However, even though I’m not in a relationship, I think I know the most unbelievable location to spend a romantic few nights away: Capri.

Capri is a secluded island in Itlay, more specifically on the Amalfi Coast. Just a ferry ride away from Sorrento or Naples (other places you may want to visit on this romantic getaway).

I wasn’t at Capri for romance, as I was only sixteen when I visited in October 2017; hoping for Capri-Suns more than love. However, if I vision myself with that special female later down the line, I can see Capri being the greatest place to take her. Here’s why:

Capri is an island in the Bay of Naples and even though it isn’t the smallest it certainly is the most magical. With epic coastline views, bright blue waters and Italian cobbles, you just feel the desperation to jump on a moped and explore, eat and ease.

If you are more the adventurous couple, you can hike up the many steps to reach the peak of the island. Seeing the formation of the isle, a marvellous bridge built into the cliff and the beautiful eyes of your partner in awe with their surroundings.

If you are more the ‘all you can eat then sleep’ couple, Capri is still a wonderful place to visit. With many restuarants and the delicacies of Italian food, you are certain to be rolling back to the ferry. Pizza! Pasta! There is no doubt you guys will be having a Lady and the Tramp spaghetti moment at the end of the night. Also, you can cherish the spectacular views with wine or Amalfi Coast’s favourite: Limoncello.

And if you are a singleton like me, then just have a Romantic day for one at Capri. There is still so much to do to fill your heart with content and forget about Tinder for one moment. A chairlift, picturesque alleyways and incredible cathedrals with delightful architecture to keep your camera fed for a long while.

Just remember at the end of the evening, settle down, relax beside the peacefully swaying waters, look up at the mighty Mt. Vesuvius and slurp up some of Italy’s finest ice cream. There are loads of parlours to choose from! I recommend trying Mango flavour for that tropical goodness.

Isn’t everyone dreaming of Summer times at the moment?!

Overall, I see Capri as the most romantic place on the Amalfi Coast and if you want a difference from Paris every year, this should definitley be high up on your list. With many ways to spend the day, lots of food to eat, weather being reasonable for Winter and many ways to be just you, your special someone, Cupid and the heartwarming sunset – you can’t go wrong with Capri, Italy on Valentine’s Day!


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