Six Ways To Satisfy Your Travelling Needs During Self-Isolation

In desperate measures to decrease the cases of the COVID-19 virus, British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson declared the UK to be in a lockdown since 23rd March.

These times are unprecedented and this action should force people to stay indoors – the only place safe in this world.

Uncertainty fills the air as planes landed for the final time, restaurants closed their doors with no idea when they will reopen and Exams were cancelled leaving futures of the younger demographic in crisis.

People are literally only travelling from their bed to the toilet to the fridge then back again. Moods are at an all time low. Panic is at an all time high and this beautiful planet we call home just doesn’t seem very sweet at the moment.

Yes, this will be all over eventually but will eventually be too late? Will we all be shook with boredom? Insane from spending time with family every night? Or even forgotten what it feels like to be a tourist?

Travel has been a part of humans lives since the beginning. We have moved, explored and seen for years – reason why humans live everywhere in the world possible (sometimes in climates which seem unbelievably impossible, there are humans). So Coronavirus is affecting our needs to adventure and see the world.

This urge might be irritating and challenging to let settle. You may go out into a nearby city just to get rid of this addiction to leave the house. I suggest don’t. It’ll do more harm than good.

There are plenty other ways to seek the travelling needs you require from your very house and I’m going to show you how:

1. Watch Travel Videos/Read Travel Blogs

I might be biased to tell you this seeing as I am a Travel creator myself, but it is one of the best suggestions for being easily accessible and free.

Travel content has always been a major success on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. People enjoy watching people visit places; either because they are thinking about visiting or interested in the culture and way of livng there. Sometimes it can also be because you find the creator highly informative, entertaining and seems to have a great trip – which puts a smile on your face even though you are just sitting in your home.

This is exactly why Travel content is such an effective way to ease your urge to disobey lockdown and leave the house. Watching travel videos or reading travel blogs (whatever benefits you) will help you find out new cool things about the location, perhaps add a new place to your list and even just make you relax during a worrying time like this, as you see how gentle and comforting the world actually is.

If you want recommendations on travel YouTubers I watch, I would tell you to definitley check out Flying the Nest & LifeofJord.

Both channels are influential, entertaining, informative and very welcoming. I look up to these people for enhancing my filming content and hopefully I can reach their milestones one day.

Flying The Nest are exciting for the cinematic-movie style of their videos and with a little girl on the way, I couldn’t be more pleased for Stephen & Jess.

Jordan from LifeofJord shows what it’s like to travel solo and do so many things which seem indescribable!

These guys have hundreds and hundreds of travel videos from all around the world, which may occupy you to the lockdown being over and will give you plenty options for your own travel once Summer hits.

There is also my channel, (cheap plug) if you want to assist the growing travel creators. I put my heart and soul into my videos to make them the most entertaining and interesting they can be. I can’t wait to see more places, do more exciting things and to live a life filled with passion, adventure and stories!

2. Go Out On Your One Walk Of The Day

When the Uk went into lockdown, Boris Johnson stated that we were allowed to leave the house either for essential shopping or one bit of exercise a day. This means you can go out walking with your household once a day.

This is something people should take advantage off. Fresh air entering your lungs hits differently when you spend most of your time indoors and just seeing nearby forests gives a change of scenery from your usual back garden view.

You can vary up where you walk to make each walk feel different. If you have a dog, you can go out with them and just forget about the pandemic for an hour or two.

As long as you stay away from people, keep your social distancing and only go out with people in your household, this is an effective way to continue travelling during a lockdown.

Yeah, you can’t go far but you don’t always need to go far to spot the peaceful deer, raging waterfall or breathtaking landscape.

Find out interesting walks near you and you may never even feel like you are in a lockdown because you are still satisfying that travelling urge.

3. Reminisce Over Previous Trips With Family & Friends

The best part about this pandemic happening now, with all the gadgets and technology of 2020, is that we can still communicate with family and friends online.

I think I would have been mentally unstable right now if we didn’t have access to the internet or social media.

Platforms such as Zoom, Skype or House-Party can be useful more than ever for work meetings, talking to family or pub trivia quizzes to keep you away from boredom.

You can even use these devices to reminsce over family holidays. Thinking back to a happier time, wishing that you can do it again.

I know for sure that my holidays have been more than memorable and always get mentioned in conversation whenever I visit my Grandparents or speak with my friends. We always laugh and beam about our past trips and how it has shaped us.

During a time of no travel these memories are all we have to keep us going until we create new ones.

4. Book A ‘Once In A LifeTime’ Trip

Or you can look towards the future. Book a holiday for the times outwith the travel ban. Get excited and plan your next trip away.

Not only would this keep you occupied, it will give you hope. You will have something to keep you going during this time were it is easy to stop.

Planning a holiday can be long, stressful but at the same time exciting and hopeful.

These trips allow you to do something you have never done before, they allow you to spend time with family and friends and they let your brain relax as you peace out, or sightsee a new location, learning about diversity, culture and history.

Travelling will still be there when this is all over, so what are you waiting for? Use this time to plan and then when you can: go! go! go!

As this pandemic proves, nobody knows when it is their time, so make good use of your time and don’t wait for the opportunity – cease it and enjoy your life.

5. Upload Photos of ‘A Better Time’ on Social Media

Who needs a ‘#ThrowbackThursday’ or ‘#FlashbackFriday’ to upload a previously taken photo? Just upload holiday photos onto Instagram or other social medias for the world to see!

Definitely during this pandemic, social media has been swarmed with scary news reports and panicking stuff, however, you can still do your part in keeping it peaceful and nostalgic.

Personally, I enjoy seeing other people’s trip pics and seeing how much fun my friends have had. This makes me feel pleased that they’re living their best life.

Yes, social media can be quite disgraceful at times. There is a lot of hate and jealousy on the internet and photos can be deceiving. However, we need social media to be a happier atmosphere more than ever, so uploading a few holiday pictures in rememerance of ‘A Better Time’ will show your followers that you are on common ground as them and that you are determined to take more adventourous images once this is all over.

6. Start Your Own Travel Blog

Finally, why not begin a travel blog yourself?

Travel blogs are helpful because they let others see what a trip was like, they inform people what to do/don’t do. They give yourself a diary which lets you remember what each day of your trip was like.

Blogging is a great form of emotions and feelings. they are an effective tool in ventilating and getting everything out in the open. They are expressive and give people insights into what it is like to be you.

I love writing my own travel blogs and that is actually one of the reasons why I started up the ‘Lost In Travel’ website.

I wanted family and friends to see and sort of experience the trip with me, understand what I’m going through and how certain situations have impacted me.

During a time of no travel, writing travel blogs from previous destinations will allow people with the travel bug to read one or two and get excited for the moment this is all over. They will allow yourself to eagrly anticipate the next holiday and reminisce over the last.

If you are unsure how to get started, there are many pages online that you can read or you can even ask me.

Travel won’t disappear for good, however, these are entertaining ways to spend the time indoors and still get the satisfaction of adventure from your own home.

Stay safe, everyone. ❤

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