WWE Money In The Bank 2020 | Predictions

WWE are still coping with no crowd – barely – and have actually managed to piece the jigsaw together for creating this year’s Money In The Bank show.

They have thought and worked for a solution towards having multiple stars in the ring for the coveted Money In The Bank ladder match during these unprecedented times and creativly came up with an idea I couldn’t have imagined. The slogan has been driven down our throats in the notable WWE way: “Climb The Corporate Ladder’. This means the superstars will be fighting out in the WWE HQ – from the bottom to the top – and once they get to the roof, they will fight in a proper wrestling ring for the chance to become Mr/Mrs Money In The Bank. Moreover, both the men’s & women’s match will take place at the same time… Insanity. Complete insanity.

Someone will fall from the roof to the ground below, get back up and I will just shrug my shoulders like it is normal. I can’t wait!

But there is other matches on this show that need my attention – so let’s begin predicting the whole card for MITB:

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs Seth Rollins

WrestleMania 36 ended on a wholesome note with Drew McIntyre finally overcoming the odds, defeating Brock Lesnar and winning the WWE Championship for the first time. Placing 3MB fully in his past.

Now he has his first challenge in the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins.

This is perfection for a first feud. Rollins was the former champ before Lesnar. He used to be adored and desired similarly to McIntyre presently. Drew welcoming Rollins to Claymore Country would rise his star power and cement him as a believable champ on the RAW Roster.

So I do think Drew McIntyre will win this one. I can see him having a lengthy run with the belt and if not, he will at least have the title for crowds returning.

Prediction: Drew McIntyre

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) vs Tamina

No one is meaner than Tamina.

I can’t believe that Tamina, in the year of 2020, has recieved her first single’s Women’s Championship bout.

There is a reason for that though. She isn’t the greatest on the mic and her in-ring ability is limited. However, I think she has rose with this opportunity and as a one off fight, I’m okay with this.

I can definitely not see her winning, however, that isn’t the story WWE are trying to tell.

The friction between Bayley and Sasha Banks is the bigger picture. They have been teasing break-ups since ‘Mania and with the Hacker on the loose. Their friendship is seriously at risk.

I think by the Summer, Bayley will be defending her title against a babyface, Sasha Banks and it will truly be Boss Time.

Prediction: Bayley

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: New Day (c) vs Lucha House Party vs Forgotten Sons vs Miz & Morrison

Hopefully no one falls ill this time and the match can actually be a Fatal 4 Way tag team match as planned…

This one is certainly going to be a fantastic match! Miz & Morrison are great characters, New Day are always fun, Lucha House Party will deliver the exciting high-flying spots and Forgotten Sons are being built as a strong team on the SmackDown brand.

I do think WWE should capitalise on this. The Forgotten Sons were literally forgotten on NXT and giving them a championship at the start of their main roster run would do them favours in the long-term.

The Hacker could also get involved here. Splitting up Miz & Morrison or the most astonishing betrayal that hasn’t happened yet – The New Day. Will it happen one day? Nothing ever lasts in the WWE…

Prediction: The Forgotten Sons

Universal Championship: Braun Strowman (c) vs Bray Wyatt

Yowie-Wowie! This wasn’t the original plan.

Would you believe it was supposed to be Roman Reigns with the Universal strap round his waist?

You won’t if you listen to WWE as there has been no squeak, peep or mention of the Big Dog since he left WWE for the safety of his health and his family’s.

This led to the decision for the Monster Among Men to win his first Universal Championship from Goldberg.

Now that he has the championship, his first challenger is the former champ, Bray Wyatt. May I further mention: Bray Wyatt – not the Fiend.

I can see another cinematic happening for this match of the back off the successful and bizarre Firefly FunHouse Match.

This is actually an intriguing feud. The history of Braun being the “black sheep” of the Wyatt family and moving away from the stable without a goodbye is interesting and dramatic.

I wish that the match delivers to its potential as this rivalry has a whole lot more to offer.

If I booked this match, I’d have Strowman finally fall for the trap from the Fiendish one. He is hypnotised and lured into putting the sheep mask back on and returning to his roots. Wyatt has control over the Universal Champion once again.

This would mean Bray Wyatt wins his title back and Strowman joins the Firefly FunHouse with a new, much-needed character. This would eventually climax with Strowman coming to his senses and leaving again. Please let this happen, WWE!

Prediction: Bray Wyatt

Women’s MITB Ladder Match: Nia Jax vs Asuka vs Shayna Baszler vs Dana Brooke vs Carmella vs Lacey Evans

Three from Raw. Three from SmackDown. Will WWE create their new star for the Women’s Division?

Nia Jax is a monsterous female. She will bulldoze through walls of the Headquarters to recieve her opportunity to grab the briefcase. However, I don’t think she needs the case for a title match.

Same goes for Lacey Evans. She is currently glued in the Banks-Bayley friendship story. Furthermore, though, she may win the briefcase to brew more chaos in their bond. Most likely to win on the SmackDown brand.

Dana Brooke & Carmella will probably be the obstacle towards one another in this match. I can’t see them winning.

Asuka is deserving of the opportunity and I can see her filling the briefcase with green mist. Her new character of screaming in Japanese has surprisingly worked and I can see her as a contender for winning the contract.

However, I predict this will be another Elimination Chamber massacre. Shayna Baszler is going to leave corpses in WWE HQ, climb the corporate ladder and become Miss Money In the Bank.

This would further her rivalry with Champion, Becky Lynch who she would eventually cash-in on for a feud with returning Ronda Rousey. It is inevitable, right?

Prediction: Shayna Baszler

Men’s MITB Ladder Match: AJ Styles vs Aleister Black vs Rey Mysterio vs Daniel Bryan vs King Corbin vs Otis

Meanwhile, the men will also be fighting at the same time as the women in the same building for pure, effective hecticness!

Rey Mysterio is deserving of the contract because he is a credible legend in the business and should have at least one more major title run before he retires his mask over to his son.

King Corbin would be a smart move for the win. He lost his first cash-in and would be such a blow to the fans if he wins the briefcase again. We wouldn’t hear the end of it! And I’d love it.

Daniel Bryan will deliver an awesome cinematic Money In The Bank match. He can be intense when he wants to be. Moreover, he can also be a comedic genius and will create some fantastic spots in the office. I can’t see him winning but he doesn’t need the prize to become Champion.

Otis just being in this match is a blessing. Will he deconstruct the whole office with his collosal nature or will he be stuck in catering eating a turkey leg? Otis can do it all with his charisma and enthusiam. I love him. Unfortunatley, for him, I think Dolph Ziggler or Sonya Deville will be scheming another plan to stop his push and will cause his defeat to further their rivalry with Mandy Rose.

AJ Styles was the last man to join the elite potential of competitors in this match-up. He took Apollo Crews’ spot after Crews suffered an “injury” in his U.S. Title match against Andrade. I can sense a ruthless, heel character for Apollo Crews seeking redemption for his injury, however, giving Styles the spot has actually increased the stacked odds for this unusual ladder match.

Styles holds tremendous star-credibility and is one of the most likely to win the contract. He is phenomenal after all and why wouldn’t WWE want their first “Zombie In The Bank”? This would eventually lead to a mouth-watering rivalry with Drew McIntyre!

Despite all of these details, I predict Aleister Black will become Mr Money In The Bank. He may look unusual with the briefcase but he cuts his spooky promos in a suit so what is new? Black hasn’t been heightened to the main event level as of yet and I think he will soon be there. This is an exciting way to create a new star and have a McIntyre vs Black rivalry at the end of 2020.

Prediction: Aleister Black

There we go! I have cashed in my predictions, please let me know yours through the comments here or over Twitter.

I am honestly excited for this show. WrestleMania 36 exceeded expectations and actually due to the circumstances was a much better show than it had any right to be. WWE are starting to feel natural in their no-crowd format and I’m really anticipating the Corporate insanity to evolve tonight.

That was Money In The Bank Predictions and I will see you guys with the next one. Is it Extreme Rules next? Possibly No Way Out of Lockdown? Or Great Balls of Corona?

Whatever the next PPV is – I’ll see you there! Goodbye!


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