The Horror Show at Extreme Rules | Predictions

The tagline fits perfectly for tonight’s show… It is gonna be a horror. But perhaps not for the right reasons.

The constant taglines being slammed into the fans faces like a punch from the Big Show may be annoying, however, it feels like it has been years since WWE Backlash. Probably because 2020 itself is 5 years old but I am actually looking forward to Extreme Rules (I deny to call it by its full name).

Maybe it is just the sense of eagerness. I am eager to see how the matches will turn out: Will an alligator get involved in the Swamp Fight? What stipulation will Dolph Ziggler choose? How in the world will Rey Mysterio or Seth Rollins actually lose a fu**ing eye?!

This show may have too many hopes but the product might turn out crappy in the finale. Let’s wish that isn’t the case and we end up with a fantastic show leading to the Biggest show of the Summer – Summerslam.

Moreover, let’s wish I get all my predictions right on the path to wrestling-booking glory!

Eye for an Eye: Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins

“Eye” can’t believe this is happening!

Rey Mysterio will be returning from his eye injury caused by Seth Rollins, only to face the Messiah in a match where his other eye is on the line. Furthermore, both of Rollins’ eyes are in tact and ready to be gauged out too.

Who would have thought the only way to win is to scoop your opponent’s eye out like a ball of ice cream. Gross.

I don’t do too well with anything near eyes, ears and tongues so I know I’ll be cringing throughout this encounter.

But in all honesty will WWE actually make someone lose an eye? It is WWE we are talking about but nobody can magically grow back an eye – even if one of those superstars is literal Jesus and the other survived falling from a building because there was a lower building.

I can see some shenanigans occuring in this match. There has been lots of stars involved which offers potential for run-ins and whacky finishes galore! Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory on Seth’s side and Aleister Black, Humberto Carrillo and Rey’s son, Dominick on the legendary luchador’s side.

Personally, I think I am going to pick Seth Rollins due to Dominick turning on his father in shocking and disgraceful faction to “look” up at the real Father. Mysterio will then leave for a while to then make a miraculous return and face his son. Meanwhile, Dominick will need to have “eyes” on the back of his head cause he’ll be a wanted man for alligning with the Monday Night Messiah.

Prediction: Seth Rollins

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) vs Nikki Cross

As much as I love Nikki Cross and think she is doing great at representing my country of Scotland and would hope that one day she’d gain the honour of being crowned champion, I can’t see any other outcome than Bayley walking away golden.

Bayley and Banks have been dominating all rosters recently and the Role Model has became one of the biggest heels in the company. I actually enjoy her heel work more than the huggable babyface of yesteryear.

I believe this match will happen before Sasha’s title match with the Empress and that Banks will actually help Bayley gain the victory over Cross.

Commentary would play it up that Boss N’ Hug are unbreakable and no one can stop them. Just to add more drama and irony to later on in the night’s segment.

Sadly, this does come at the expense of Nikki Cross but I can see her and tag partner, Alexa Bliss beating them and regaining the Tag Team Championship’s soonish.

Prediction: Bayley

United States Championship: Apollo Crews (c) vs MVP

I’m not gonna lie, I am actually a fan of the new United States Championship design. Perhaps the “Champion” part could be a bit less in-your-face, however, it does look quite prestigous compared to other WWE belts.

MVP was the man that revealed this new fresh design and let’s talk about his work for a moment. Who would have thought MVP would be doing some of his best stuff in the year 2020?!

MVP has rejuvenated his career. Rejuvenated Bobby Lashley’s career. And seems to be on track to becoming the biggest heel leader on RAW. I can see him gathering an army faction on RAW with Cedric Alexander and Ricochet and perhaps even Apollo Crews later down the line.

Despite that I don’t think it is time to take the U.S. title away from Crews. Have him win here to then face Lashley at SummerSlam. I also think Cedric Alexander will turn heel here or in the coming weeks to join MVP due to jealousy over Ricochet. The guy is basically a jobber at this point but has his own documentary. So much to be jealous for.

Prediction: Apollo Crews

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: New Day (c) vs Cesaro & Nakamura (Tables Match)

The latest match to be added to the card was a Tables match between New Day and Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

This was made official after Cesaro defeated Big E in an incredible match with the big question looming: Does Cesaro & Nakamura have the New Day’s number?

I think so and I am going to put Cesaro and Nakamura down for becoming the next holders of the blue tag belts. They are severely underrated and deserve to be champions.

I can only see New Day holding it if Xavier Woods makes a comeback but I have zero idea when that will be happening. So it is the Swiss Cyborg and King of Strong Style for me.

Prediction: Cesaro & Nakamura

RAW Women’s Championship: Asuka (c) vs Sasha Banks

Now let’s continue my fantasy booking from earlier.

So, I mentioned that Bayley will win due to help from her “Best Friend” Sasha Banks.

Well, that will be a reverse of what happens when Asuka defends her title against the Boss. I think the Empress of Tomorrow will retain because Bayley costs her “Best Friend” the championship.

This would either be accidental and become the last straw or it would be a full on attack because Bayley is selfish and doesn’t want to share her two-strap achievement with anyone apart from Keith Lee.

Sasha will turn face – which has been much desired for a long while – and it’ll be Bayley vs Sasha at SummerSlam. Which would be about 5 years since the Iron Man match at Brooklyn. This match could and should main event the show!

Prediction: Asuka

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs Dolph Ziggler (Ziggler chooses the stipulation)

At Extreme Rules, Drew McIntyre will defend his WWE Championship against former friend, Dolph Ziggler. McIntyre became tag champions with Ziggler before disbanding two years ago so you can tell there is personal animosity between the two. Unfortunately, Ziggler has lost time and time again to care about his matches. At least he is a great wrestler and exceptional seller. This match will be wonderful even though the winner is quite predictable.

The intriguing factor is that Dolph Ziggler is yet to announce the stipulation that McIntyre boldly allowed him to choose. It is very smart from a kayfabe and realistic point of view. In kayfabe, Ziggler doesn’t want to give away any gameplans and forward-thinking for the Champion. Also, businessly, we will all stay tuned to find out what type of match it is, equalling viewers, equalling money.

If I had to take any guesses on this unknown stipulation I’d say a chain match. Or possibly a loser has to kiss Otis’ butt or something along those lines.

Prediction: Drew McIntyre

Wyatt Swamp Fight: Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt

So let’s get the cat out the bag firstly: this isn’t for the Universal Championship. This is just two brothers play-fighting in their garden on a hot Summer’s day.

A Wyatt Swamp Fight seems to be the next addition to the creative move-style, cinematic matches made during this period of no fans in attendance.

I’d expect to see some major throwbacks to the Wyatt Family days. The rocking chair will definitely make an appearance for example!

One of the biggest throwbacks is that Bray Wyatt is fighting Braun as his younger, hill billy self. So he isn’t just fighting Braun but fighting his inner-demons. He is in a battle with his past; the reason he became The Fiend.

I’d expect The Fiend to make an appearance in same capacity also.

For winning this match, I hope and I’m choosing Bray Wyatt. Braun had the win at MITB and even though could keeps beating Wyatt until he lets the Fiend loose, I think this will go 50/50 booking and the only reason this is non-title is so Wyatt can win and Strowman can hold the title for another month.

After this match, Wyatt will then let out the darkest parts of his creepy mind and the Fiend will become champion again, one year on from his first match.

Also, let’s hope there is plenty alligators in this Swamp Fight. I want to see gators. Give me gators.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt

And there we go! I have predicted the Horror Show at Extreme Rules (dammit! I called it by its full name)!

This PPV has the potential to be fun and I dare to say it… Extreme. Believe it or not, Extreme Rules hasn’t been extreme for a long time!

SummerSlam is looking promising going into this and that is what WWE are launching towards as we inch closer to fans being able to see the shows live (no dates announced just mere speculation).

If you agree or disagree with these predictions or want to talk to me about wrestling then follow me on Twitter!


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