WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 | Predictions

The annual red chained, malicious, demon-infested Hell In A Cell PPV has returned!

The last few years, this show has been absolutely terrible. Two years ago Brock Lesnar kicked the door down and caused a dq in a NO DQ MATCH between Reigns and Strowman. Last year, Seth Rollins destroyed the Fiend in the worst match of the year.

I never understand why this PPV even exists. A Hell In A Cell match is that mind-blowing and bonkers it should only be used if the blood-feud heads in that direction. Give it more of a surprise rather than it is October, therefore, a Hell In A Cell match MUST happen.

However, it is happening and therefore, I have to predict it. So let’s hope my predictions are right and don’t go 6-foot under and straight to hell:

Jeff Hardy vs Elias

Elias is back, baby! Having returned on Draft Two on RAW, Elias attacked Jeff Hardy during his match with Seth Rollins and AJ Styles.

This actually makes sense and ties some knots from a few months back. Remember when Elias was involved in a hit and run? I don’t know if it was Hardy or not – it could very well be Sheamus. However, Elias believes it was Hardy and has decided to start a feud against him. He is the heel even though he was the victim though…

Anyways, I am actually an Elias fan. I think he has a good look, character and is improving in the ring with each passing match.

Furthermore, his new album comes out tomorrow! So, I believe a win should happen and then he can celebrate on RAW.

Prediction: Elias

MITB briefcase on the line: Otis (c) vs The Miz

On Law & Otis, during the last edition of SmackDown, it was announced Otis will put his briefcase on the line against The Miz. This was because Miz bribed JBL with lots of sweet dollar.

I’m guessing this would be the end of their rivalry with both of them being on seperate brands, which would be great as I’ve not really got invested in it.

I’m not the biggest lover of Otis holding the briefcase. There was no plan post-winning and therefore, it is useless having him become Mr MITB. There is no way he will cash in on Roman Reigns or Drew McIntyre. There is just no way…

Likewise with the Miz. Who would actually want to see him with the briefcase again? Therefore, I’m going to pick Otis as my winner.

Hopefully next year, WWE realises how bad of an idea it was to stick the briefcase on Otis with no plans and actually use the briefcase for its intended purpose. For what it done to stars such as CM Punk, Edge, RVD. It has to make a star out of someone.

Prediction: Otis

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Hell In A Cell Match: Bayley (c) vs Sasha Banks

We are finally getting to witness Bayley and Sasha Banks go to war inside Hell in a Cell! This should be really fun just like the underrated Banks vs Lynch from last year.

Some people believe that due to the stipulation, this would be the end of their feud. The Boss will end the Role-Model’s reign and become the SmackDown Women’s Championship. I can’t see that happening though.

I think some shenanigans will occur and whatever happens the verdict will be Bayley retaining. This could be the annual dq defying the official rules of HIAC. Or Bayley just wins. However, I think Banks has a little more left in the tank in her personal feud against Bayley.

Bayley could even hold the title up to ‘Mania 37 next year. Facing Banks who survived and won the 2021 Royal Rumble. Banks can get her coronation on the Grandest Stage of Them All and everything would be ‘Legit’.

WWE Championship – Hell In A Cell Match: Drew McIntyre (c) vs Randy Orton

How is this feud not over?! As much as I’ve enjoyed this rivalry it has long-lasted over its expiry date…

Nevertheless, the match should be wicked and McIntyre being a warrior inside a cell for the first time is really exciting.

People may believe that because it has lasted a long time and Orton each time has been on the losing side, that he should be victorious here and gain his 14th World Championship. I can’t really see McIntyre losing to Orton though and instead I think McIntyre will remain on top of RAW.

This has to be the end to this rivalry and McIntyre should prepare for matches with stars such as AJ Styles and the Fiend. Hell! I’d even like to see McIntyre defend his title against RETRIBUTION leader, Mustafa Ali!

Universal Championship – Hell In A Cell “I Quit” Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs Jey Uso

Universal Champion, Roman Reigns still remains the best thing about WWE and this match, like the last one, is the most intriguing part of the show.

At Clash of Champions, Reigns made Jey Uso feel disrespected and lower down on the family ladder and I’m glad the feud is continuing.

Now they are fighting inside Hell In A Cell, locking all their problems inside with them with a further ‘higher stakes’ stipulation being an “I Quit” Match.

Reigns’ biggest goal in life at the moment is to make his cousin suffer that much he screams at the top of his lungs that Roman Reigns is the ‘Tribal Chief’.

I think that would happen but should be expected after another cracking bout.

The post-match angle I think will happen is Goldberg returning to spear Roman Reigns and close the show holding the title. This being their big Survivor Series main event.

Goldberg vs Reigns should’ve happened at WrestleMania 36, however, the Pandemic chased Reigns away because of his past poor health. This was changed to Goldberg vs Strowman.

I can see WWE still wanting ‘spear vs spear’ and therefore, this is a great opportunity to do it. Goldberg has had a good history of Survivor Series moments. Remember when he defeated Lesnar in a few minutes?

With Heyman at Reigns’ side this makes a lot of sense.

Prediction: Roman Reigns

There we go! Do you agree with my predictions? Let me know on Twitter.

I think this show has the spectacle to break the streak of horrible Hell in a Cell PPV’s. However, it is all down to WWE’s booking. I can also see a few more matches being added.

I hope you enjoy the show! šŸ˜€


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