Welcome To Lost In Travel

Hello everyone! I am Lewis Burzynski and you may recognise me as CraZy_Lewis on YouTube.

As I begin the transition into adulthood I have realised that I have much larger responsibilities and a lot more freedom. I want to build my independence on adventure and exploration. The world is a lot smaller than we think and with the easy access of transport, I can go wherever I want to go. Unless there is a war zone. I don’t want to die…

I want to blog my epic travels to help others understand that living is something we should take with pride and gratitude as it is the greatest gift of all.

Before creating this website, I worked mainly on my YouTube channel – CraZy_Lewis. On this channel, I put my travels into a video form, were you can see me be gobsmacked at every little thing I see. I get wowed easily…

Click here to check out my YouTube Channel

I decided on the name ‘Lost In Travel’ because of my horrible sense of direction. I can barely read a map to save my life. How did I survive Higher Geography? I don’t know…

It also has a different meaning – getting lost in my passion of adventure.

Please join me on this incredible journey known as life, were we can get excited over new trips away, meeting lifelong friends and most importantly, food!

I hope to see you all there! ❤


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