Welcome To Lost In Travel

Hello, people and aliens of the internet, this is my home but don’t worry it is open to all, as I share my love and joy with the World!

I am Lewis Burzynski, a young Scottish film-student with a dream of travelling the World and living the luxurious life. “Isn’t that what everybody dreams about?” you may be beckoning right now. Therefore, I will give a response on why I believe you should follow me on my crazy path around the globe.

The biggest reason why Lost In Travel is for you, is mainly down to the realism of its purpose. I intend on delivering an authentic blog that captures the realness of my trips. I’m not an out-of-this-world (well, at least I believe I’m not) character that has all this money and can do whatever the hell he wants. I convey my genuine smile as a way of proving I appreciate everything that comes my way. I’m excited for the future but overly more ready for the present. Lost In Travel may benefit from its professional B-Roll shots and beautiful captures of the World, but everything I portray on screen is true. This blog will venture into the absolute highs of travelling but also the struggles that you may have to overcome.

This community was a selfless idea designed to help me achieve my dreams while helping others reach the same goal. It is always a nice feeling to see you’re not alone and lost as my name may suggest.

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I decided on the name ‘Lost In Travel’ because of my horrible sense of direction. I can barely read a map to save my life. How did I survive Higher Geography? I don’t know…

It also has a different meaning – getting lost in my passion of adventure.

Please join me on this incredible journey known as life, were we can get excited over new trips away, meeting lifelong friends and most importantly, food!

I hope to see you all there! ❤

Lost In Travel


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