Island Hopping The Outer Hebrides: Description

July 21st – August 2nd 2019

Northern Scotland is full of mystery and history. Nature comes into contact with human life and leaves a stunning place for walking, cycling and exploration.

I am thankful to call Scotland my home, however, living in Fife means I am not connected to the picturesque mountains, waterfalls, beaches and wildlife of the north. It is like a whole other country.

This includes the Outer Hebrides. Many islands, isolated from mainland Scotland with their own culture and traditions, this makes them a remarkable place to visit.
If you are a regular for checking out my blogs (thank you!) then you will know I was just at the Isle of Harris – one of the many awesome Hebridian islands – last month with my friends. This was a spectacular trip and allowed me to boost my confidence, friendship and freedom as it was the 1st holiday away from family. This time around, I will be going with my parents and little sister, Lauren as we relax and spend family time with one another, cosy in the confines of a tent.

This island-hopping trip has been in the talks for a while now, and it is finally here. Camping for 2 weeks would be different as I’m usually a hotel person but being closer to nature seems quite calming. I honestly can’t wait!
This blog post is aimed to give you further details on what to expect for my time away in hopefully the sunny unusual Scottish weather we have been having lately:

I will be posting a new blog every single day giving you an insight into my life and life in the Outer Hebrides.
I will also be vlogging my travels and uploading it onto my YouTube channel. I am going to post the parts as each individual island. Check out my YouTube channel here:

Here is the itinerary of this extraordinary adventure coming soon:


We won’t be reaching the Outer Hebrides until Monday 22nd July as our 1st day on the road will be spent in the vibrant city of Oban. 

Oban is on the east coast and gives us many things to sightsee including Dunstaffnage castle. Oban will also be the place that we settle for the 1st night and test out our new pop-up tent for the 1st time. Cosy.


We won’t be on the 1st Hebridian island until after a 4-hour Caledonian ferry journey – which will differ from the ferry to Harris as I will be experiencing entering the big boat by the luxury of our car.

I wantie go to Barra and I am going to Barra, as I spend 2 nights on the smallest island of the Outer Hebrides.

This island is famous for its scenic plane-landing on the beach, which we obviously aren’t doing but our campsite gives us an overlook on the airport, so it’ll be exciting to watch. This will be the 1st time we experience the breathtaking beaches of the Hebrides, which there will be plenty to photograph on this holiday.


I believe the Isle of Uist may be the dark horse island of this trip. I don’t really know much about what I am going to encounter but I think it could blow my breath away once I see the solidity of the 3 islands which form Uist.

Uist is made by 3 islands which we will be visiting over the course of 3 nights; Erisksay, South Uist and North Uist. It is well known for being the island that Bonnie Prince Charlie first stepped foot on Scottish turf.


An island that is named after me. Of course. Get me my crown, we are exploring the Isle of Lewis!

We will be spending 2 nights on the most famous of the Hebridian islands and exploring it to its full extent including the most northern point of the island – the butt of Lewis (not as round as mine though 😉) and the ancient blackhouses. It is also well-known for the Lewis chess pieces.

You may remember my blog which conveyed my journey to Stornoway and the Callanish Stones on the Isle of Lewis. I will be returning to these places on the next trip and I’m looking forward to seeing the mysterious standing stones once more. 

If you want to check out this blog post, click here:


Aah Harris. The good ol’ island of Harry. I have fond memories of this place from only over a month, where I trekked the western part of the island with a fractured foot and cycled in extremely windy conditions, and saw seals! I am wishing I can see the common seals again and much more wildlife – please can I see dolphins!!!

If you want to check out this excursion then click here:

This time around with the comfort of a car, we can embark further around Harris and see the most anticipated beach from the last holiday – Luskentyre. We thought that it would be too difficult to reach that and back by bike in the time constraints of daytime given, so a car will definitely allow us to see the sands of Luskentyre – and fingers crossed the white ponies!


One of my most anticipated parts of this holiday isn’t even part of the Outer Hebrides, but is an island nonetheless – the Isle of Skye!

Ever since the bus journey to Uig, Skye to catch the ferry to Harris, I have been excited to see Skye in full detail and amazement. It looks gorgeous with its high cliff faces and magical waterfalls. 3 nights on Skye are going to be dreamy indeed.


On the travel home at the end of our hopefully incredible holiday, we will be stopping off at Glenfinnan to see the railway of the Flying Scotsman – known to take you to the wizarding world of Hogwarts as the Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter.

I’ve already seen the Flying Scotsman but seeing it going over the infamous bridge will be magnificent.

Island Hopping the Outer Hebrides is certainly a holiday for the ages and I hope you guys are going to read all about here and watch the videos once they are published!

If you have any questions or been to the Outer Hebrides before and want to talk to me about it, then reach out to me on my social media accounts, linked down below! 

I can’t wait for another journey of a lifetime 😀






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