Day 1. In Awe With Loch Awe! Camping In Oban!

July 21st 2019

5 years ago was the last time I went camping and to be honest, I can’t remember much of that experience. I never once set up the tent. All I remember is it was an amazing trip away. Rainy. But fun.

I got up at 6am and realised my Parents packed everything into the car the night before. Explains why they weren’t up until 40 minutes later.

Once we were ready to go, we tightly packed into the car as we were surrounded by equipment and stuff coming on the trip. Important items such as a kite etc.

The view was probably amazing on the way to Loch Awe, but I was snoozing so you’ll have to find that out by someone else…

The 1st stop on our trip was Kilchurn Castle. We were greeted by the local highland coos and sheep that acted like dogs… Really.These sheep followed their owners for food, came to be petted and tried to bite bits of wood. Different from the Dolly’s up at Harris, which I am dreading meeting again, once up at the Hebrides.

Kilchurn Castle, home to the Campbell’s when it looked like the usual historic, ruined castle. But every time I walk around the stoned walls, I feel a sense of interest as my imagination spirals down a path of what it used to be like at the time.After Kilchurn Castle, we were desperately in need of the toilet and were getting quite hungry. So we entered the nearby inn. After going to the loo – which was so refreshing to let loose on my pee pipes – I ate a delicious burger with caramelised onions, Isle of Mull cheddar and mustard mayo on it. That filled my stomach with happiness for the whole day.Next stop was St Conans Kirk, which gave us an incredible view of Loch Awe. The loch so calming in this miserable weather that we were suffering. Inside the church was lean, white pillars holding the structure up in God’s name.

There was even a wee mention of Robert the Bruce at Dunfermline Abbey.I never noticed due to car time = nap time, but once we reached Oban and were going to visit Dunstaffnage castle, the rain was coming down hard. We still decided to go and it was cool to look at. I will always take with me the memory of: a pigeon taking shelter in the castle walls – scaring the living daylights out of me! And playing a gigantic game of connect 4 and jenga. This monstrosity survived about 10 minutes before almost squashing my Mum to instant death. Luckily, she has quick reflexes and managed to avoid the tumbling of the bricks.Our 1st campsite is situated with an amazing view! The place is titled ‘Oban camping & caravan park’ and comes with the facilities desired. The torrential rain made putting our tented home up for the night a difficulty.

We did have plans to go out and see Oban but this awful weather has made us rather change plans. It has even made our ferry leave for Barra sail out earlier than expected at 10am now instead of in the afternoon. Let’s hope the weather can pick up a bit!!

Overall, a fun day with some hilarity involved. But you can’t have me without humour. The weather could be a lot better for Summer but unfortunately we don’t have a say in that.I am really looking forward to arriving at our 1st Outer Hebridian island tomorrow and let’s hope I don’t wet myself in this tent as while writing this, I kinda need but I’m mummified in my sleeping bag and don’t want to move as I can hear the crashing of the rain on our tent.



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