My SQA Exam Results 2019

Exams are the end goal of determination, motivation and hard work throughout school. They may bring success, they may bring joy, they could even bring a few tears – but one thing they shouldn’t bring is failure. They don’t convey you as a person or an efficient worker. It is basically a memory game, and these shouldn’t stop you from reaching your objective in life!

Some say the wait is worse than the exam – and this was shown true, when my results never arrived until 9.20am. These were the most unpredictable results of my time in school. My last ones, my most needed ones and the most challenging.

Advanced Higher English was a constant pain throughout S6. There was points were I just wanted to give up and crawl into a corner. I believe that this has changed me as a person though. I have learnt how to deal with an extreme workload and I write a lot more – even getting a voluntary position on the WrestleTalk team! Getting a D in Advanced Higher, doesn’t even seem like a let-down as I tried my best in a hard situation and made it through the other side, unscathed and unshaken.

Getting a C in Higher Geography is so pleasing. I thought my assignment was terrible and due to this, I revised and revised for my exam. This went a lot better than I anticipated and the work paid off with a sweet pass!

A B in Higher Modern Studies just shows dedication pays off. I put in the work to learn the whole course thoroughly and even though I done better in my Prelim, this is a proud moment for me.

These results mean I achieved my goal to head to Queen Margaret University for 4 years to learn about Theatre & Film. It is going to be a long, rocky road – but I’m not giving up and I can’t wait to take on the challenge!

Whatever result you ended up with, don’t let it defy you or keep you down. Be pleased that you achieved as much as you could. Try again next time or choose a new path, but this isn’t the end. I have the utmost respect for everyone that has survived the difficult position of sitting an exam. ❤


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