Temporary Bliss // University Film Assessment

Watch the intense action of three women planning and executing a prison break successfully:

“Childhood’s Revenge” | Sound & Vision Film // University Assessment

“Childhood’s Revenge” is set on Christmas day and is about a childhood teddy returning to haunt their owner after being replaced. I hope you enjoy:

“Autumn Falls” | 1-Minute Film // University Assessment (Director’s Cut)

“Autumn Falls” is about a guy’s journey through the forest where he encounters his dead best friend. Watch to find out how he reacts:

University Assessed Film: The Time Is Now

Hello everyone and welcome on here to another film I created at University with my fellow peers! This film looks at the preparation of a Climate Change March.

Live-Reaction to SQA Exam Results 2019 | Am I going to Uni?

Hello everyone and welcome on here to my most nerve-wracking video! Today, you will find out my SQA Exam Results at the same exact time I did. Did I cry? Did I get into University? Watch to find out!

My SQA Exam Results 2019

Exams are the end goal of determination, motivation and hard work throughout school. They may bring success, they may bring joy, they could even bring a few tears – but one thing they shouldn’t bring is failure. They don’t convey you as a person or an efficient worker. It is basically a memory game, andContinue reading “My SQA Exam Results 2019”