Temporary Bliss // University Film Assessment

Watch the intense action of three women planning and executing a prison break successfully:

“Childhood’s Revenge” | Sound & Vision Film // University Assessment

“Childhood’s Revenge” is set on Christmas day and is about a childhood teddy returning to haunt their owner after being replaced. I hope you enjoy:

“Highland Fighters” | 3-Shot Film // University Assessment

“Highland Fighters” is a video game come to life as two clans battle it out over supremacy and rights to all the land. Who wins? Watch to find out:

“Autumn Falls” | 1-Minute Film // University Assessment (Director’s Cut)

“Autumn Falls” is about a guy’s journey through the forest where he encounters his dead best friend. Watch to find out how he reacts:

University Assessed Film: The Time Is Now

Hello everyone and welcome on here to another film I created at University with my fellow peers! This film looks at the preparation of a Climate Change March.

University Short Film: Theft From A Sleeping Body

Hello everyone and welcome on here to the very 1st film I have ever made at Queen Margaret University. This was non-assessed and gave me a taste of filming. Enjoy!