10 Things You Must Do In Lisbon

Lisbon is full of delightful surprises, steep hills and larger-than-life squares. Everything you see and do in this gorgeous city, will be unforgettable and incredible.

It has the feel of Spain mixed with bits of coastal Italy – and I guess that is just what makes Portugal. Whatever time you visit Lisbon, you will enjoy yourself and that is why I am putting together a list on 10 things you must do if you are exploring Lisbon:

1. Buy The Lisbon Card

If you are wanting to go from museum to museum, castle to public transport then the Lisbon Card is one for you.

The Lisbon Card allows you to get on all Public Transport – whether that be bus, tram, train, metro or even my Uncle Graeme’s back, – for the price of nothing. You can hop on them for free!

You can even visit some museums for free! If not, the best the Lisbon Card can do is get you discounted price. More money in your pocket the better, right?

The Lisbon Card seriously gives you the tourist experience in this historic city.

You do have to pay for the amount of hours you want to use it – I bought mine for around £40 for a 72H pass and that managed to get us around the city in the appropriate time.

2. Get Lost In The Lore Of The City In The Lisbon Story Centre

If you want a backstory to the blossoming history of Portugal’s capital, go no further than the Lisbon Story Centre, found in Comercio Square.

This historic experience is free with the Lisbon Card and takes you on an audio tour of the different eras in Lisbon.

Learning about the Portuguese explorers, travelling and trading with India and Brazil, to feeling your heart sink when listening to the tragic earthquake that hit the city in 1755. You will feel a roller-coaster of emotions, while leaving the building with more knowledge than you entered with.

3. Get Spectacular Views Of The City From The Elevator de Santa Justa

Another free national monument due to the successes of the Lisbon Card is the Elevator de Santa Justa.

This elevator looks like it should topple with its upper body weight, however, it hasn’t done since its birth in 1905.

Its purpose was only to give the locals a lift to the upper part of the city, however, it is unprecedented that it gives you breathtaking sights over the beautiful orange crested roofs, Castello de Jorge and Rossio square.

Definitely a must do, if visiting Lisbon. Side note: Go up in the morning or at night as the line might be stretching down the street in mid-day.

4. Eat at Hard Rock Cafe Lisboa

If you are a big fan of juicy burgers, a lovely meal and music you can sing your heart out too, then Hard Rock Cafe is the place for you.

Who doesn’t want to dance to Thriller with a steak in their mouth?

I never ate there, but may have if I had more nights, as I loved my dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Universal Citywalk, Orlando, Florida.

I did buy a t-shirt though. Definitely worth a visit, if you want to tick it of your Hard Rock list.

5. Look Over The Whole Of Lisbon From Castello de Jorge

Perched on top of Lisbon is the Castello de Jorge. This castle gives you scenic views over the city and therefore will boost your Instagram likes.

A hilly city may be sore on your feet but it gives you the best landscape possible!

Not only is this a must! The Lisbon Card gives you a discount so, go for it!

6. Take A Ride On Tram 28

Trams were brought to Lisbon as an effective way to travel around the city. Tram 28 is the most popular route and therefore a ride on this vehicle is something you should add to your list.

It got really cramped the 1st time I went on it and I had to stand for the duration of the journey but if you wait until it has its stop off and then reenter, you will be destined a seat and a view.

7. Amoreiras 360º Panoramic View

If you want to relax with the fresh breeze hitting your face, going to the top of the Amoreiras building will deliver.

My Uncle was a Panoramic maniac when we explored Lisbon, so he loved it up there! Comfortable sofas and each way you look you is breathtaking – what more do you want?!

8. Explore The Belem District

The Belem district has many things to do and see, furthermore, it could even become its own list!

If you do decide to explore the flattest part of Lisbon then seeing the Torre de Belem is a must. It is architecturally gifted and an amazing sight on the Lisbon coast.

The Padrão dos Descobrimentos was also wonderful to the eyes.

Belem also had a cathedral that I would place in my favourite cathedral list, under the Milan one of course.

It also conveyed that Lisbon has a museum on anything and everything. I actually found myself in a museum about boats for over an hour… also a museum on coaches.

As you can see, Belem is an honourable visit.

9. Taste A Pasteis de Nata

A Portuguese delicacy – the scrumptious custard tarts.

Before placing my lips on the crumbling pastry, I didn’t know what to expect; will it be eggy? Will it taste nothing like I hope for?

This wasn’t the case. I absolutely loved it! They were ace! I ate 4 in total on my trip to Lisbon, so I am reliable when I tell you that they are worth the purchase if you want to put your taste buds in heaven for a few seconds.

I just need to try Tesco’s version, one day.

10. A Trip To Sintra

If you ever find yourself in Lisbon, then why not leave the city and explore Sintra?

Sintra was one of the best parts of my trip and I’m pleased I got a day there – You could even stay for a couple!

The Lisbon Card still manages to get you discount for some things, however, public transport isn’t supported here…

The 3 best things we witnessed in Sintra would be:

Pena Palace – Exceptional in design and history. It had a certain peaceful aura due to its vibrant colours and being far away from everything.

Moorish Castle – has a defence mechanism that reminded me of the Great Wall of China. Moorish castle was a trek and a half but a must-do while exploring Sintra.

Sintra Palace – It took us a while to figure out this smooth, white building in the centre of the square was the Sintra Palace we where looking for. The inside is unreal and a beautiful place to live. King Ferdinand II – you lucky son of a gun!

There you have it, 10 things that may help you plan your Lisbon itinerary!

If you want to know more just leave a comment or watch my Lisbon vlogs found here.

Stay happy ❤


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