My 2019 YouTube Highlights

Hello everyone and welcome on here to my last video of 2019! This video will feature the highlights of everything from the past year. I hope you all have a super 2020!


Hello everyone and welcome on here to the final part of the Lisbon vlogs! In today’s video, we explore Belem – on a very hot day! We also adventure to Sintra which is home to the vibrant Pena Palace!

10 Things You Must Do In Lisbon

Lisbon is full of delightful surprises, steep hills and larger-than-life squares. Everything you see and do in this gorgeous city, will be unforgettable and incredible. It has the feel of Spain mixed with bits of coastal Italy – and I guess that is just what makes Portugal. Whatever time you visit Lisbon, you will enjoyContinue reading “10 Things You Must Do In Lisbon”


Hello everyone and welcome on here to the next vlogging adventure! In today’s video, we explore Lisbon, Portugal – going to many museums, cathedrals, riding on Tram 28 and tasting Portuguese delicacies!

Day 5. Leaving Lisbon With A Bit Of My Heart 💖

Hi all, this is a quick blog post to tell you how my final few hours of an everlasting memory went down. I was up, showered and ready by 7am – only thing remaining was an empty stomach. After my final breakfast at Hostel 4U, we handed over the keys. I totally recommend this hostel.Continue reading “Day 5. Leaving Lisbon With A Bit Of My Heart 💖”

Day 4. Sintra

Today’s blog is an exciting one indeed as we woke up and took the train out of Lisbon, through the grasslands and scattered villages of West coast Portugal and into the mountainous town of Sintra. Failure hit us in the face, unexpectedly, when we tried to use the Lisbon card to get on the 434Continue reading “Day 4. Sintra”

Day 3. Sightseeing Belem! Very, Very Hot!

When the alarm went off at 5.45am with a purpose, we had to drag our tired bodies out of the hostel – that is, once the hostel unlocked the doors for us – and proceed quickly to the bus stop. Our plan was to get some sunrise photos from the 360° Panoramic view at Amoreiras.Continue reading “Day 3. Sightseeing Belem! Very, Very Hot!”

Day 2. Exploring Lisbon! Tram 28!

We got up at 7am, ate the usual hostel breakfast – toast and whatnot then rushed out the door to begin our 1st full day of festivities and exploration. Having the Lisbon card meant we could literally go anywhere. Our 1st touristy destination was the national elevator that gives some glorious views of the vastContinue reading “Day 2. Exploring Lisbon! Tram 28!”

Day 1. Arrival Into Lisbon! Trying To Not Get Lost…

August 18th 2019 Why are these silly flight times always waking me up at stupid O’clock?! Our departure was at 6.20am from Edinburgh airport, so I decided to make my presence known at 3.15am and out the door by 4.20am. Once we walked through the airport door and got passed the security mumbo-jumbo (which IContinue reading “Day 1. Arrival Into Lisbon! Trying To Not Get Lost…”