Lisbon 2k19: Description

August 18th – 22nd

In one day’s time, myself and my Uncle Graeme will take an EasyJet flight out to the vibrant capital of Portugal – Lisbon.

I have never been to Lisbon or even Portugal before and cannot wait to add another country to my list!

This is an exciting opportunity for me, as it is the 1st abroad trip fully booked and paid for by myself… I might be going with my Uncle but it is very much my responsibility to be mature and independent. It is going to be quite the event.

When we are in Lisbon, we are going to be living in Hostel 4U (where we have private accommodation). This means we are in the heart of the city where we can roam around freely, eat loads and enjoy life. The days will be split into the seven districts that make up ‘The City of Seven Hills’

No doubt we will get lost – the scrumptious ice cream will make up for it though!

I am really looking forward to sightseeing Belem, getting picturesque ocean views and travelling on the notorious trams that make their way up and down the steep terrain.

We are also spending a day in the colourful town of Sintra. Looking at photos of this castle makes my heart sparkle and burst with a pride of rainbows and unicorns – wow! It’s so dazzling!

5 Days in this bustling city sounds like a thrilling endeavor!

I will be blogging every single day, so you do not want to miss out on that. You can even catch video versions afterwards on my YouTube channel!

See you in the sunshine! šŸ˜€


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