Day 3. SeaWorld! Animal Shows, Electric Ocean, Mako In The Dark!

2nd September 2018

Our car parked up outside the glorious looking Seaworld as we prepared for a whole day with the aquatic animals. 2 years ago, I only went to this fantastic park once, and I was gutted as I wanted to go much more. This time, we are going multiple times.

Today, we decided not a lot of rides & more animal shows. We didn’t listen as soon as we made it through security though. Lauren & I thought that a ride on Manta in the morning would wake us up; it was a 10-minute queue, so we raced up to the top. If that was 10 minutes, you must be the Flash for a 5-minute queue. We where straight on!! Manta is an amazing experience. It tilts you so you are facing the dry, cracked ground of Orlando, then you are ready for the drops, twists & turns. It is supposed to make you a Manta ray.

After that, we utilised our all-day dining pass and went to find breakfast. We landed on “Voyagers: smokehouse”. I became an obese American once I ate a giant chocolate muffin, I had apple juice to go along with it. I was stuffed and it was only 11.30 in the morning!! We can use this pass every hour….

Our first show was next. It was the one I saw before, but it was so epic, I needed to rewatch. It was the Sealion’s show! This was a way for the Sealion’s – Clyde & Seamore – the otter & the walrus – to display their unbelievable talents. The amount of skills these animals have amazes me, and this show is fabulous so you have to see it if you have the chance. The show is about, Sealion’s graduating from Sealion High.

After that, we went to see the Sealion’s and I actually got to feed them! We bought the fish, and I had to throw it at their faces so they can catch. I felt rushed on this, as the unusual birds with long beaks were chasing me for the fish; trying to be the centre of attention. I was not giving in. I was picking up the slimy, disgusting carcasses of fish and lobbing it to the Sealions. If I decided to feed another one, I would get screamed at! I was not tolerating that behaviour, so I was trying to not feed that one. But then the one I was feeding, was being cheeky and not eating the small fish because he is the big lion of the ocean. Eventually, I had to feed the screamer…

Then, we headed straight up to the ‘One Ocean’ show. This show was the fascinating one with the Orcas showing what they can do.

They flipped, splashed, and spun all over their ocean to show we are all one. They are some of the most awesome animals, I have ever seen!

After this, we used our pass and went for lunch. We all decided on ‘Seafire’s grill’. I had tasty fajitas, were you got 3 wraps to make the delicious delight. I put chicken, salsa, cheese, sweetcorn & rice on mine. I then ate healthy as I don’t want to be obese, and I had the juicy bursts of grapes as I munched down on each one.

After lunch, we wanted to head to the Wild Arctic to see the Beluga Whales. We all had no clue where this actually was, so we just went on a simulator ride on the way there. It was ‘7 Seas raceway’. We were on a helicopter ride, along with the Arctic. Glancing at the white, fluffy snow, and freezing cold, Arctic ocean. This ride was deadly. We were chucked, yanked & thrown all over the simulation. So glad I had a seatbelt on! I honestly thought at the start of this ride, “oh there is something my Gran can go on at Seaworld” Nah probably not.

After this traumatic experience, we were where we needed to be. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We where with the Beluga Whales, seals & walrus!! The Beluga Whales were elegant with each movement in the freezing, Arctic temperature of water. The seals just rolled around the ice – apart from 2 playful ones that were wrestling in the water. The Walrus went back and forth showing off its glory.

After this, we went to see the Killer Whales only to find out in our displeasure, we can’t see the Orcas unless they were doing the show. Probably, to hide the fact, their tank is smaller than it should be. I understand this is a problem, but having Killer Whales in a place like Seaworld is the only way some people will have access to seeing their beauty and learning more about them. As long as the tank was larger…

Then we went to see the show ‘POP’. I couldn’t believe it. I was about to watch a bubble showcase. Bubbles?! Really?!. I was honestly, surprised!!! The number of tricks, you could do with bubbles was extraordinary and they lit up the area as they floated with grace.

We then headed to see the Mako shark. They swam with such ruthless aggression. I actually wouldn’t want to be the prey to this shark! Once we left the inside of the area, we watched the sharks, Rays and fish swim around from above. Suddenly, thunder roared around the land. Following this, rain thundered down onto the ground like bullets. I felt like I was in the middle of a war. Lightning was seen from afar. This lasted about 15 minutes!

We were trapped beside the sharks, which was quite annoying. I would have preferred this from being pounced on by raindrops, however.

We then went for more food at ‘Pretzel Kitchen’. I got a Pepperoni Pizza Pretzel which was delicious but I was stuffed like this pretzel afterwards. I couldn’t even finish the race, which I usually am quite a Hare at doing!

Unfortunately, eating pretzels made us late to the Electric ocean dolphin show. I was disappointed that the show was full on the last day as dolphins are my favourite animals and I adore the way they leap into the air with such cuteness. At least, I will be swimming with them on Wednesday. So a sudden change of plans occurred. We just went to see the killer whale show again but to change it up a bit, we went into the soak zone. I wasn’t expecting such a soak. Salt went into my mouth, which was distasteful. I can now, officially say “I was splashed by an orca”. Even though I was wet, I wasn’t expecting my Mum & Dad to be drenched! Haha, that is what you get for following us to the soak zone.

Our 1st Electric Ocean show was the ‘Sealion’s tonite’. How could this show be funnier than the first?! By making fun of the whole of Seaworld, that is how!! They took the mick out of the dolphins show, orca show, paying additional prices for lockers and much more. It was entertaining and I loved the way Clyde & Seamore view their park!!

We then went to the dance party, which was really fun. I danced by heart out as I have been loving my day at Seaworld. I boogied with the kids (at least I wasn’t doing any Fortnite dance moves…)

Then we saw the Electric Ocean, Orca show. Another way to witness the beauty of Orcas as they then danced their heart out to Electro music. We quickly ran over to the ‘Ignite’ firework show after this and glad we did because we were all tins of sardines for the finale of Electric Ocean. The fireworks lit up the sky, with each gorgeous colour making the cloudy sky magnificent. So glad, I stayed all day to hear the loud bangs of a great day.

Finally, Lauren & I dared Mako in the dark, front row!! Each butterfly in my stomach told me this wasn’t a great idea. This was the tallest, fastest & longest rollercoaster in the whole of America. I was surprised with how much I saw though. I honestly, thought that it was going to be pitch black, but you could still see the flips and turns this ride offered. So much fun!!

What a day SeaWorld gave us! So much fun. The animals! The rides! The food! Yesterday was an awesome day, and I can’t wait to return. Let’s hope Infinity Falls opens by then! The next blog was supposed to feature a day out at Busch Gardens, but a huge risk of a thunderstorm has ruined those plans. So we are just going shopping, then later we will head to Universal Studios. I hope to see you there!!


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