Day 2. LEGOLAND, Target & Disney Springs!

1st September 2018

We started our 1st full day off in an awkward fashion. The alarm (given to us by the hotel) was stating a different time from our phones. We set the alarm on both devices, just to make sure we weren’t late for the big day ahead, but it was confusing trying to figure out the time. We set it for 7, phones were telling us it was 6.30. Eagerly, we just decided to get up, get showered and get on outta the hotel room as we had places to be & not so many people to see, but you get my drift…

Our first trip was an hour-long journey up the highway to the land of LEGO. Glad I wasn’t returning, as it was car apocalypse on the other side! Finally, the 1st park was in distance and it looked magnificent. Bricks upon bricks towered the walls of LEGOLAND. It was extraordinary and fresh due to this being our 1st time at the brick-based theme park. We were told to park the car in Nya’s section and then off we went to enter the park.

Once, security wasn’t a concern any longer, we made our way into the theme park. We had a master plan. “Go to the back & work your way to the front.” This plan didn’t go so well, however, as we rode the 1st ride we came across. This was just a little LEGO Friends ride, which whizzed you up & down, turning to add to the intrigue. I was a little disappointed as I found out that my GoPro was not allowed on the rides. I have been down a 351-foot drop with it, for goodness sake! Even though that was a disaster, I never let it ruin my day and travelled around with a smile on my face as this park was very beautiful.

The next few stuff, we do is pretty fun. We went on kiddy rides and patiently sat in the queue for the VR race. During the time, I remember shrieking, as they announced there was a “break a leg” maintenance. Luckily, we were still able to get on it & I thought it was rather entertaining not knowing where you actually were and that increased the enjoyment.

Mini-land was awesome. The amount of  LEGO used to make that land like reality, was unbelievable. Around 30 Million LEGO bricks were used to make the American states of; Florida, Washington D.C, Las Vegas, California & New York. I wish I could just resize myself into a minuscule LEGO figure so I can see the cities as massive, beautiful, models of art.

Once we left Mini-land, dehydration was kicking in. It was so hot! We sat down & had a little break while we dived into the cold, cooling, funnel cake. This was ice cream, and doughnut looking bits of dough. This was a joy to the taste buds and made me forget I was in a country with the temperature of 35°C.

After this, we headed to the water ski show. This was about pirates taking over the show, and trying to defeat the LEGO foot-soldiers. This show was fantastic, with each stunt soaring with elegance. The LEGO character’s looked really funny, however! After this, we headed to the local Botanical gardens and saw the beauty of Cypress Gardens.

The next few rides were really fun and returned us to the rollercoaster feeling that we were hungry for.

‘Flying School’ hurt my head as I shook into the sides of my only protection.

The Ninjago ride actually made me a Ninja as I done the most workout I have done on this holiday yet. On this ride, you have to throw energy balls with your hands, as they slice through the motion sensors. You are doing this for about 10 minutes which felt a lot longer. As I took my last strike, sweat dripped down my arm like I have just gone 1v1 against Conor McGregor – which of course I lost, just like I lost on the ride – My Mum won.

‘Coastersaurus’ was insanely fun (my favourite ride in the park) & ‘The Dragon’ gave me a nostalgic feeling from my time at LEGOLAND: Windsor.

After all the rides, we headed to get apple fries. You may be asking what these are, and it is a simple answer. They are apple fries 😂. They are apples, fried and coated in brown sugar. This full package comes along with cream. It was actually delicious.

After LEGOLAND, we were supposed to be heading to Universal for the Hogwarts show, but we then found out it has increased more days – so there was no rush. Instead of this, we went to Target.

I heard a lot about this shop, but I never knew what it sold. There were lots of items. Clothes, food, furniture, triple D bras 😂. The most excitement I had in this store, was watching the locals deal with the downpour of rain. I was sitting drinking my Starbucks watching the raindrops bounce off the ground getting you more soaked than a ride on ‘Popeye’s river rapids’. I was hysterically laughing at the people putting bags on their head as umbrellas.

To finish off our evening, we had a late night trip to Disney Springs. Humans were packed in the masses here, making it impossible to just breeze around the outlet. We were getting quite hungry but were having no luck with finding a restaurant. Finally, we got into Terralina: an Italian restaurant. I had my first pizza here which had homemade sausage & spicy chilies as the toppings. It was very tasty and worth the wait.

When we arrived back at the hotel, we all jumped into a shower to remove the sweat for the next big day. Thanks for reading my blog! I will see you all with the next one when we spend a whole day at Seaworld! 


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