Day 1. Our Holiday Is Officially Underway!

31st August 2018 was when my alarm frantically buzzed signalling me that it was “Holiday time”. I woke up without any questions (the only time, I wake up with a passion). I got ready quickly and was prepared for the day ahead. What a day it has been! This journey is going to be epic, so definitely stay tuned for more. If this 1st blog doesn’t make much sense as far as literacy is concerned, blame it on my weak state of mind. I don’t usually write an essay without sleeping for a whole day. I am honestly only surviving on my reflective thinking as if not, I’d be in the corner somewhere, very much asleep.

So, as the car travelled with my family & I to Glasgow airport, I witnessed the morning mist laying atop of the houses like a blanket keeping them cosy for the day to come. I took this time to enjoy a little nap before arriving at ‘Flying Scot’. As the car left, we entered the airport and prepared for the questions & security checks we were bound to get.

Luggage checks were simple, but of course, when we reach security, I forget to take my phone out of my pocket! I confidently lunged through the scanner. The beeping didn’t startle me, however, as my hands down my pockets showed me, I was a stubborn sausage. It was early in the morning though, so I guess it is fine to make mistakes…

Breakfast was on my mind next, the thought of diving into a sausage on roll sent my taste-buds into a tingling trance. We reached our breakfast lounge – Wetherspoons. I had my rather satisfying sausage on a roll along with a ‘luxurious’ hot chocolate (I don’t think I stirred enough because some of it was milky but oh well…)

After this tasty breakfast, it was almost time to board our TUI: Dreamliner. Walking past all the WHSmiths, lead us to the boarding lounge; were other flights to places like Munich & Philadelphia where nearby. Eventually, they let us all aboard and it was time for the long 9-hour flight.

I am not one, to be scared of flying, but I usually do start to get bored on the in-between bits. When I sat down in my upgraded passenger seat, I was already astonished by the appearance of this plane. It was rounded (named Neil, by the way) and had 3 rows in each column. I had the window seat (as always, as I “need” to film it for my vlog 😂). The takeoff was a quick ride which then transitioned into myself playing my Nintendo Switch; loving the 1st few levels of Super Mario: Odyssey btw). I have done many activities on the plane. Some were interactive, others not so much. I; listened to music, played a bowling game given to you for the flight & read “Othello” to not miss any of my education. The food was pretty good, with myself getting a roast chicken kind of meal. My favourite part of the meal was the Chocolate orange mousse! I was so intrigued by the mechanics of this vehicle as well. You can dim the lights to change the brightness of the window; this apparently is able to prevent jetlag – which I don’t have currently.

When the landing was a success, we stepped off the jumbo Neil & right into Sanford airport. We waited patiently in the line for security again, only being able to glance at the smirk of Donald Trump’s presidential portrait. The queue dimmed down until we were the last family to be checked (also the best family 😉). Although this was annoying as it meant we needed a survey on agriculture & I got laughed at for going on holiday with my parents and not my girlfriend. 😓

After leaving the airport, we were introduced to our new car – a Mitsubishi, Outlander. A big American guy guided us over there, and then it was our turn to navigate the roads of Orlando.

Traffic jams went for miles & miles on the road to our hotel. It was 35°C which wasn’t helping matters, as we were trapped with the scorching sun shooting in on us. We travelled by a few amazing stuff though. School buses (which the UK don’t have), a squirrel & volcano bay was only a portion of what we witnessed in the 90-minute car journey to the hotel.

The Clarion Inn, Lake Bueno Vista, is the name of our hotel and it has been gorgeous so far. Looking forward to trying out the pool and looking out for alligators.

After unpacking & settling down in our hotel, we felt it was time to do some exploration. We headed out to the nearest outlets and began clothes hunting. I personally, didn’t buy anything but my Dad returned with Under Armour trainers, so that is pretty nice. I was just thinking about my belly once again, as I tend to do. For dinner, I ate in the ‘All American Food’ restaurant in the food court. I had a foot long, cony dog. Which I gobbled up to get myself into American culture. It still surprises me America has skin on their fries!! The hot dog was very tasty and it got a mission passed for me; which was – feed me now!!!

After further looking around the outlet, it was pitch black. No star in the sky, like they were scared to be burnt by the still, hot sun. We were desperate for our beds but had to do a stop off at the nearest Walmart to get breakfast. My Dad got a little lost, but it was worth it as he drove down Warrior road. What a name!! Walmart was extremely busy for 9.30 at night which I don’t really know if it is peculiar or not. After a late night trek, we gathered croissants & doughnuts for our morning digest and managed to make it to the hotel in one piece.

Thanks for reading my blog guys, and I will see you all later with the next one!

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