Day 15. Travelling Home! This Blog’s Conclusion!

14th/15th September 2018 We all barely woke up around 8am, American morning. This is just the battle scars of an eventful holiday and it proves we have had a great time. Usually, a few days before the holiday’s conclusion, we can feel ourselves slowing down only to spring right back up on the last day.Continue reading “Day 15. Travelling Home! This Blog’s Conclusion!”

Day 1. Our Holiday Is Officially Underway!

31st August 2018 was when my alarm frantically buzzed signalling me that it was “Holiday time”. I woke up without any questions (the only time, I wake up with a passion). I got ready quickly and was prepared for the day ahead. What a day it has been! This journey is going to beContinue reading “Day 1. Our Holiday Is Officially Underway!”