Day 15. Travelling Home! This Blog’s Conclusion!

14th/15th September 2018

We all barely woke up around 8am, American morning. This is just the battle scars of an eventful holiday and it proves we have had a great time. Usually, a few days before the holiday’s conclusion, we can feel ourselves slowing down only to spring right back up on the last day. It is tough to leave a place that has brought so much fun into your life. A place, where reality is kept far away from your own enjoyment, and knowing you have to return to your normal lifestyle is actually devastating.

Holiday time is the best time of the year as you do extravagant things you would never have done in your regular day-to-day life. I am going to miss this. Holiday blues were kicking in before my holiday was even over. It was sickening. If the temperature was only subtracted and hurricane Florence decided to leave us be, then I may have just stayed forever. Why not. Of course, though, I couldn’t do that. I needed to go back to most likely freezing Scotland. Once the suitcases were fully ready, we had to leave the hotel without looking back.

We had a few hours before we needed to be at Sanford, so we used this as gift collecting time. Firstly we headed to Disney Springs, the heat was unbearable. We then picked up a pin that my Aunty was requesting for. Luckily, it was in store, or we would have been here on a wild goose chase.

After Disney Springs, we ran through the humid temperatures and into Walmart. Here, I generously got gifts for all my friends. Such a great friend they have.

After all that was done, we went straight to Sanford airport. Next farewell, was the car. I think this car was really good & got the job done. Similarly, to my opinion on the hotel; it was really nice and worked for a place to rest for the night. Once the car was gone, we had to then get into boarding. I freaked a little when the security guard asked “Can you spell your surname backwards” this was such a difficult challenge, none of us passed. At least, he was only fooling around, and this wasn’t a genuine question were a wrong answer would defy going home.

The airport wasn’t that busy, with only 2 UK flights; Glasgow & Bristol. There were a few other American flights with even a cancelled trip to Charlotte, North Carolina. I wonder why? To fill our bellies (apart from my Mum who wasn’t hungry) we ate tasty hot dogs at this beer place inside the lounge area. Silly me, thought we were getting closer to our culture with the menu stating “served with chips” this actually meant American chips. Potato chips. Crisps for all you Brits. Of course, it would have been that we are still in America after all. But why, would you eat crisps with hot dogs? Sometimes, this place puzzles me. We got them upgraded to our chips, fries or whatever you want to call them, which would have been a tastier investment.

After that, we got ready to board the plane.

The plane was another relaxing ride, just like the 1st time on the Dream-liner. It was cosy, cool & comprehensive – factors you need for a comfortable journey home. The plane blacked out the window to help with sleeping, but surprisingly, I stayed awake for the entire 8 and a half hours duration. The plane was apparently a longer length than last as it wasn’t wanting to meet Florence but I couldn’t tell.

The activities I interacted with on the plane was:

– Reading Othello for Advanced Higher English as I got closer & closer to reality.
– Watched Blockers, which is a hilarious film!
– Played my Nintendo Switch advancing on Mario: Odyssey
– Played plane games like bowling and connect 4 with my sister (I sadly have to announce she was destroying me on these) .

The food on the plane was also very nice, with chicken & gravy, crackers & salted caramel cheesecake for dinner. Breakfast was like a sausage muffin burger. It looked very similar to the ones from McDonald’s. This was probably the tastiest plane food I have had.After a pretty safe flight (apart from a couple encounters with turbulence) we were all ready for a peaceful landing – which did occur. As we stepped off the plane and exited Glasgow airport, I felt the cold misty morning temperatures, understanding I am home and with that being said my holiday was over.

Such a great holiday, with many amazing opportunities that I will cherish forever. I hope you have enjoyed reading about these experiences, and if you haven’t read them all in my 1st blogging series then please do so! I also have vlog versions which you can check out here. I’ll see you guys later, bye!!!

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