Day 14. Last Full Day In Orlando! Volcano Bay And Universal!

13th September 2018

Wow, it is always a mystical feeling when your holiday draws closer to the end. You always ask yourself: Has it came in fast? Or has it been a drag? Do I want to go home? Or do I want to stay an extra week? These kind of questions cannot be answered. As you basically feel them all swirl around your mind at the same time.

I think the holiday has been progressive and some days feel longer than others but that is because, on a holiday like this, you spend most of your time queuing for rides. But then when I actually think deep and hard about it; I swam with dolphins over a week ago now, and that definitely doesn’t feel old to me. Also, I am actually fine with going home. I miss my family, friends, own room and a nice stable temperature were I don’t have to hide in shade. But I could also do with another week away from school, work & reality.

Holidays are weird like that. I guess I just have to suck it up that this blog is about my last full day here in Orlando.

To celebrate a day to end all days, we had nothing set in stone, as we were just going to go where the wind takes us. Of course, you don’t have much wind in Florida, maybe only a gentle breeze, so we had to pick a place to go ourselves. I was desperate for a return to Volcano Bay, and I got the majority vote as everyone was happy with that as our destination. Afterwards, we were going to go to Universal to ride; Men in Black, Rock It (for the secret playlist), Popeye’s river rapids, Ripley Falls and the Hulk coaster – you’ll find out later, that this plan doesn’t come to fruition.

So first things were first, we got into our swimming gear and got ready for a wonderful day at Volcano Bay. Still as beautiful as ever. The volcano stood tall over the whole park watching everyone have a great time. We got to meet the tiki-tiki thing, inside the volcano; who was showcased through a light displayed on a rock. He spoke to us & also sprayed water at us. He told us that we were all Lauren’s servants from the lands of Scotland. I couldn’t help but laugh…

I will never be my sister’s slave.

When we were all prepared for water action, we tapu-tapu’d onto our favourite ride in the park – the Aqua coaster (I never remember the actual names of these attractions as they are Hawaiian).

While we waited, we went into the wave pool, which was working this time. That was fun. We were all having splashing contests forgetting about the alerting last day approaching.

We then went on the aqua coaster. I can only say one thing – I love that ride!!!

After that we went into the river rapids, the scab on my scraped knee from last time, disappeared as the cause decimated it. This is the evidence right here. I did scrape my knee, if I told you, you have to believe me.

After that fun pool of awesomeness, we went onto the raft rides which always bring more joy into my life than what I entered with. I love Volcano Bay. I am always going to state how much of a man-made paradise this place is. It is beautiful and if you ever think of visiting the Sunshine state, then surely add this to your schedule. I am going to miss this place.

Before we left the waterpark for good, we all celebrated the amount of fun this place has brought us, by having some delicious ice cream. I chose the flavours of; Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry & Vanilla. A very tropical delight, that smoothed the back of my throat as it slid down bringing passion to my stomach. Bye Volcano Bay.

Once the bus returned us to the car park, we had a Pepsi, a few of our Disney candy – that we have probably a year supply off! Then headed out to Universal. We began at Islands of Adventure – where my parents got themselves an annual pass for returning in January without my sister and I. I knew this day would come. Where, I have other priorities such as my prelims, or when they just have to stop taking me as I have grown up. But I am jealous. I want to return. Infinity Falls hasn’t even opened yet! Why oh why do I need to grow up so fast!!!!

After that we went on a train ride around Seuss Landing were the time lied to us. 5 minutes?! More like 20… then we headed for the Hogwarts Express ride over to Studios.

Right from arrival, we went to Men in Black. It said 1 hour for the actual queue and 5 minutes for the single rider. So we all went for the single rider. It was very peculiar though, as there was no one in that line. So we all got on with each other anyways.

After this, we went for the ride on Rock It, got a tiny bit sidetracked as we got on Transformers instead then we where back and ready for the heavy climb. I had my mind prepared; I was going to try the secret playlist I have heard stories off (Rock It allows you to listen to a song as you take the steep drop, twists and turns of this insane rollercoaster), I was going to listen to Jackson 5, I want you back, hold the coasters logo and then put the code ‘302’ into the keypad. Frustratingly, we all sat on the ride, and the jukebox wasn’t even operating! Of course, that happened to us! We headed to Studios for that reason! It was too late to turn back, we took the vile narrow climb up to the top and went right down to the bottom in a matter of seconds – without a single tune. This definitely does change the ride, as I enjoy singing along to the song.

The park was getting ready to close after that annoying experience, as Studios closed at 7 & Islands of Adventure closed at 9. So we returned back to Kingscross train station for the train back over to Islands, but then we overheard a worker say if you don’t make it over before the park closes, you would be turned back. It seemed busy so we just exited the normal way. Stopped off at Fast & Furious before we left as only been on that once. Very fun!

We then turned up at Islands of Adventure and the sky was starting to darken which means blackout very soon. The sun sets like a shooting star over here instead of a steady approach like back over in the UK. A huge misty cloud also came over the horizon.

Universal must have foreshadowed what was yet to come as lots of rides were closed for severe weather in the surrounding area. To minus some time, we stood in a 15-minute queue for Spiderman. I love this ride and it will always be known as one of my 1st rides in this park (my 3rd to be exact). We came off and still no downpour.

A few flashes of lightning, with no thunder, heard, but something that looks usual to Florida at this time of year. We thought, maybe we will be able to await the departure of the storm. But it never left. It kept on going, a few drops of rain started.

Disappointed, I had to leave Universal without even taking a splash on Ripley Falls and Popeye’s. I couldn’t even ride Hulk for a final time…

The rain started to worsen. Getting heavier and heavier with each step out of the park. We then stood in a gift shop and watched it not even bounce off the ground but belt right of the floor below. It was maddening. Thunder roared like it has never been heard before. Lightning was flashing every 5 seconds. We never knew what to do. I was wanting a Voodoo Doughnut, but how could we make it out alive? We just had to run. We all ran through the CityWalk not even caring about the water whacking our heads. We got some shelter under Billabong which was like a checkpoint of sorts. We then took the final leap into Voodoo doughnuts drenched to the bone. We all took the Dirt doughnut; which is a doughnut covered in Oreo crumbs – it looked delicious.

We then had to backtrack, got under the roof of Billabong (a good store to use to defy busyness) and then got under the shelter of Universal security. We finally made it to the parking lot and got back to the car.

For dinner, we went to the largest McDonald’s, it was titled “The Epic McDonald’s”. The rain was fading away when we got out of the car and entered the huge white restaurant. I was shocked. This McDonald’s sold pizza & pasta! Where was I? It also had a fish tank in the centre…

It was hard to avoid the taste of McPizza but I went for chicken tenders. I was still surprised by walking up the stairs and seeing a play area and also a gift shop. I was in some kind of parallel universe. The food was tasty and well-needed.

Once we arrived home, we couldn’t manage to eat the Voodoo doughnuts, so they were left for the next day. We all had showers and went to sleep.

Thanks for reading this upsetting last full day blog before reality returns, I will see you all with this blog’s series finale. If you haven’t read the rest, do so! I have had an amazing time and I am ready for the last day. On the final blog, we are not doing much, but our plane doesn’t leave until 5, so we have a few hours to spare. I hope to see you guys there!


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