Scorching Day At The Royal Botanical Gardens In Edinburgh

July 3rd 2019

The beauty of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh was showcased greater by the light of the scorching sun. I felt tranquil in my state of mind similarly to how the flora felt at peace in their home, here in the gardens.

The long Summertime off from school can feel repetitive when you don’t have much to do. The way to counter this, you may ask? Find something to do… 
I did exactly that when I organised a day trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens with my sister while my Parents earned the bill payment at work. Edinburgh feels extremely connected to me as a city because of how close I live to it. It is truly one of the most historical and exquisite places in the whole world. I love it. Also, I have been to the Botanical Gardens a few times and each time I go, relaxation just takes over.

Firstly, I headed to the nearest Tesco to the Botanics. In hope of getting chilli pork pies, I paced up to the Deli section. Unfortunately, that section is now closed and I just had to pick up a meal deal. Gutted, to say the least, but it never ruined my day.
Once entering the Botanics, I got my ticket for the Glasshouse. I have been in this area multiple times but I think it is the most stunning in the garden. It cost £7, but Lauren got in for free as she was under 16.

It was nearing lunchtime by the time we arrived, so we went looking for somewhere to settle for a while. Benches are very common which made eating lunch simple. I enjoyed a tasty Piri Piri chicken wrap and a refreshing Innocent smoothie. We also snacked on Texas BBQ Pringles. The best ones.

The heat was certainly beginning to become stronger but Lauren and I wouldn’t feel it for long as we decided to check out the extraordinary glasshouse. This exhibit was split into sections making each area come alive similarly to its real habitat. We walked through rainforests, deserts, mountainous regions and lots of other plant homes.

The Glasshouse did an excellent job of making me feel like I was in that specific area. I know the climate of the room changed to be perfect conditions for the plants but this grew my connection to the nature and the environment around me. Definitely worth a visit if you go to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh.

The Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh was just so relaxing to walk through on this toasty day and I will certainly keep returning whenever I want to chill out with the fresh air swiftly moving past my face.

As for the rest of my day: We walked the Water of Leith, almost got lost on the way to my Mum’s work and trekked up Corstorphine Hill to take in the scenic views at the top. Such a fun day but 13 miles in a roasting climate was truly tiring. It was probably 20℃ but it felt so much hotter.

Let’s wish for more summer days like this!


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