Lost In Travel: Photography

This blog is dedicated to my love of photography. Whenever I get out with the camera and capture some great shots, this blog will get updated and they will find their home here. Enjoy the collection 🙂


Hello everyone and welcome on here to my Botanical Gardens vlog! In today’s video, we explore the relaxing gardens, walk around the Glasshouse and trek to my Mum’s work! Enjoy! 😀

Scorching Day At The Royal Botanical Gardens In Edinburgh

July 3rd 2019 The beauty of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh was showcased greater by the light of the scorching sun. I felt tranquil in my state of mind similarly to how the flora felt at peace in their home, here in the gardens. The long Summertime off from school can feel repetitive whenContinue reading “Scorching Day At The Royal Botanical Gardens In Edinburgh”