Day 2. Attending a Camp Canada Job Fair

January 19th 2020

This was an exciting day for me. The whole reason I booked a flight to stony Dublin. I was attending a Camp Canada job fair.

Camp Canada is a Summer job organised by NQuest in the scenic country of the North: Canada. I would be working on a camp anywhere in the 3rd largest country, helping kids stay active and have endless fun to occupy there long break of school. This will also give me fantastic memories and a new experience to write on my CV. While allowing me to visit one of my bucket list countries.

I got up at 6.30am, had a shower and we all strolled down the hotel corridor in time for breakfast. This was a buffet – which benefits me because I don’t eat everything in a full English breakfast, so getting to pick more sausages is an advantage!

I ate lots of sausages, hash browns and beans before ripping a croissant and even a muffin apart. I had an apple juice then a smoothie to help push the taste down my throat.

After this, we left the Hotel to reach the Gibson hotel – where the job fair was located. This was a walk beside the river, where we saw swans, ducks, a lot of seagulls and even a few rats. Don’t panic though! Rats should be near the water, so it is a positive to see them here than beside the restaurants in the city centre.

The Canadians made everyone feel very welcomed at the job fair. I queued up, signed in and begin my next step in securing a job in Canada.

Unfortunately, after 2 and a half hours of speaking to almost each camp there, I didn’t get accepted. Most where filling up quick and the ones that did have spaces didn’t require my skills (theatre & videography).

I got told not too threat though. This isn’t the end of the world. There are only a limited number of the camps that attend the fairs, which means there are camps that haven’t even started the process of employing. I have a chat with one of the team members booked for Wednesday and then my application will be pushed heavily online.

Yes, this may have been a waste of time to travel out here. But I don’t believe that. I got extra information on job roles and dates etc. I also got too explore Dublin, which is a lot more fun than the way I would’ve spent this weekend.

Next, we visited the National Art Gallery of Ireland. This was a massive building with lots and lots and lots of paintings. I was stunned with the architecture of the gallery and how each room was picturesque.

We then visited the courtyard of the oldest University in Ireland – Trinity College. There is something special about old University’s and they completely contrast with the University I attend – the most modern in Britain.

Lastly, we got to the airport early, there wasn’t much we wanted to do after the College. We just watched shows on our phone and I prepped for Uni in the morning. The flight went pretty good and I made it back into the land of Scots around 9.30pm.

Thanks for joining me on this series and hopefully next time we chat, I will be able to say I’m going to Canada in the Summer!

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