Day 1. Exploring Dublin For The 1st Time

An impromptu visit to Ireland’s capital was booked in November after finding out I had to attend a job fair for Camp Canada.

Dublin was the cheapest to get too and never overlapped with any Uni stuff, so we where good to go.

We left the house about 5.15am and departed into the Winter air at roughly 8.10am.

I was with my Parents this time (sorry, Lauren) but still with my saviour Ryanair. They do the job when it comes to tiny flights like this!

Tiny is the word I would describe Ireland as so far. Leprechauns and our flight was only 50 minutes long! A literal rollercoaster. Actually, SeaWorld’s Mako may be longer than it (joking, obviously).

Once in Dublin, I soaked in the bitter Winter’s sun and we all got on an airport transfer to reach the city centre. By this point, we were all quite hungry so basically just leaned our neck up to look – getting a fright of our lives when we see the tallest, most pointless, sculpture in Europe. It was just a long steel… long steel… thing. Also known as the Spire.

We had breakfast at a restaurant in the food court in the city centre. Here, we lounged at Kay’s Kitchen. I got an American style of pancakes, so, of course, it had to be huge. This came with maple syrup, whipped cream & crispy bacon. Which is splendid with syrup, who would’ve known? I’m starting to act like a Canadian the closer it gets to arrival day.

After a little wander, looking at various landmarks across the city we crossed over the Halfpenny bridge.

This used to be a toll, where everyone crossing would pay a Halfpenny but even after the abolishment of that toll, we have kept the name to remember the legacy.

The bridge sits above the calming river but a very tight squeeze to cross over.

The Temple Bar is Dublin’s most famous photographed landmark and there is no significant reason for its fame. It just is photogenic because of its location on a lively alleyway.

I underestimated Ireland’s love of Guinness and alcohol in general. It is what motivates them to get from a Monday to a Friday. At least it means most of them are cheery chaps.

Dublin castle was next on our list. This should’ve been €8 but I got it for €6, successes of being a student and all.

This castle gave me an insight into the President’s of the Republic of Ireland, and let me stare proudly at some fantastic art paintings… there was one room where the paintings weren’t too pleasing and quite strange to be perfectly honest. A lovely place to kill a few hours. Chester Beatty next to it helped build a stronger understanding on religion, focusing on the Buddha.

We decided to book the 2PM slot for a wee tour guide of the wild city. I say wee, it was 2hours of facts, humour and sightseeing. An excellent way to spend the evening.

This took us up to about 5PM, so we had a little time to prepare our bellies for tea but plenty time to stroll the 25 minutes distance to our hotel – Sandymount.

This hotel is beautiful with a fitting colour grading and a peaceful aroma surrounding it. We never went far after settling in – just walked to Tesco to pick up sweets and juice. No biggy.

Once back at the hotel, we had burgers at the hotel’s restaurant. We all got a cheeseburger with onion rings, caramelised onions and what should’ve been tomatoes or lettuce, however, I don’t eat Guinea pig food… 😂

Finally, my first day in Dublin has been quite the exciting day out. There is lots to see, do and just wander about the cobbled, industrial streets.

Tomorrow is going to be a nerve-wracking day filled with new chapters and excitement because I will be attending the Camp Canada job fair. I hope you read all about it tomorrow.

See you in Canada… or at least the Dublin job fair!

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