A Few Days In The Beautiful Borders | Scotland Vlog

– After a long lockdown, I finally get out to explore my own country. The Scottish Borders are so close to where I live but I never realised how beautiful they actually are!

– On our first day, we travelled to Innerleithen and settled down in the incredible Smiddyhill Lodge.

– On the next day, the rain was unbelievable! We tried to see the astounding Grey-Mare’s Tail Waterfall, however, the fog covered the majority of it. So we adventured around Moffat until the weather cleared up.

– On the final full day, the weather was what Summer should be! We walked around the ancient walls of Abbotsford House – Home of Sir Walter Scott – then delved into the Glentress Peel forest. This was such a chill holiday! šŸ˜€


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