WWE Payback 2020 | Predictions

What is Bewis Lurzynski doing in the Impact Zone?!

I feel like we are living in some kind of alternate World where weekly ppvs are the norm and I have to predict, predict, predict.

At first, it was unbelievable why they would have Payback immediately after SummerSlam. However, after the Biggest Party of the Summer it all makes sense.

Payback isn’t happening to have SummerSlam rematches, end feuds or further storylines. Oh no no no. This PPV is only going ahead with one purpose. That man is Roman Reigns.

Anyways, I’ll dive into a more depth response on the matter at the end of this blog but we actually do have a decent card to predict. For a show built in a week, this could actually be quite good! Let’s predict:

Keith Lee vs Randy Orton

Drew McIntyre’s Championship bout against the “Legend Killer” last week was an instant classic. They didn’t hit a single finisher in a tactically booked match begging for more.

This would have caused many to assume a rematch would take place at rematch Central – Payback.

WWE instead added an exciting swerve, having McIntyre punted three times on RAW, writing him out the equation.

Therefore, new RAW star, Keith Lee will be challenging Orton this Sunday. Despite his awful new theme song, Lee is getting booked like a mega star!

Not many NXT call-ups can say they are facing the number one heel in their first match. This even inches him closer to what would be a terrific title match with McIntyre later down the line.

I hope Lee wins here.

Prediction: Keith Lee

Kickoff: IIconics vs Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan

Uhhhhhh… I never knew this match was happening until I checked out the card this morning.

It does make for an ideal kickoff match. I haven’t really been intrigued in this feud. Even though Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott is great and deserves more than being thrown back in a tag team because the company had nothing for them.

I’m going to say Morgan & Riott finally get on the same page which means IIconics are not so iconic in this kickoff.

Prediction: Riott Squad

Big E vs Sheamus

A match made official after Sheamus walked out on Miz & Morrison at SmackDown. Big E will be taking on the Celtic Warrior.

Big E has been heavily featured as a singles competitor recently so there is no way I’m predicting against him.

This should be a fun match and I’d expect Big E to go for a title in his next feud. Before he turns heel on the returning New Day. It is bound to be correct one of these days.

Prediction: Big E

Rey & Dominik Mysterio vs Seth Rollins & Murphy

I did expect this match to happen here. A bit surprised that they did it on RAW though.

At least this one should right a wrong after those distasteful “fans” placing inappropriate images in the Thunderdome. Don’t be that fan. It ruins it for others.

During that match RETRIBUTION attacked the Mysterio family as Rollins and disciple, Murphy looked on.

Well, I believe the Mysterio family will get their vengeance here. Rollins has been winning this feud for too long.

Furthermore, Rey has been wishing to team with his son since he asked to become a wrestler. He will be fulfilling his dream in a big way tonight.

Prediction: The Mysterio’s

Matt Riddle vs King Corbin

Ever since Riddle put his toes on a SmackDown mat, King Corbin has been agitated.

He even set up a Kings Ransom for whoever can slay Matt Riddle.

Shorty G took this offer, turning heel in the process.

However, this bounty was placed because Corbin cannot do it himself. This will be conveyed tonight as Riddle beats him solidifying himself as the future of the blue brand.

Prediction: Matt Riddle

United States Championship: Apollo Crews (c) vs Bobby Lashley

Apollo Crews has been on the wrong side of the Hurt Business for a long while. Squashing any chance MVP had of another United States Championship reign.

Well now he has Bobby Lashley in his sights, a dominator not messing around.

I am going to predict what I did last week but this time for the powerful Lashley. Cedric Alexander will turn heel, uniting with the Hurt Business. Lashley becomes the new United States Champion.

Prediction: Bobby Lashley

Women’s Tag Team Championship: Bayley & Sasha Banks (c) vs Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Bayley & Banks have been reigning with gold throughout the pandemic era. But this week, it all comes crashing down.

Bayley may have retained her blue belt but Banks lost her red belt to Asuka again. Now they have to unite against combustible force, Baszler and Jax.

I hope they don’t have a falling out and instead super best friends turn on each other having the much anticipated rivalry over the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Prediction: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Universal Championship: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt (c) vs Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns

And now the match Payback has been tailored for – The Universal Championship Triple Threat.

The Fiend is hot off a Universal title victory. Braun Strowman is stronger than ever & Roman Reigns is a Paul Heyman guy?!

This is insanely interesting and with Reigns working with Heyman, I can stop many questions swirling in my brain!

Is he a heel?! Is he best buds with Brock Lesnar?! Is Heyman the mastermind of RETRIBUTION, terrorising the company because he was fired from his creative role?!

This is really exciting and the match should offer for a fun dynamic. Strowman has proven he is unleashed in these scenarios. Also, “The Fiend” has never fought in a triple threat before.

Unfortunately, his title run has to come to a halt because WWE have obviously set this PPV up to resume their Reigns plans before he asked for time off due to the circumstances.

Roman will Reign once more.

Prediction: Roman Reigns

There we go! Payback is on the horizon and I’d be lying if I said WWE haven’t managed to make a compelling PPV in a week.

If you have different predictions to me, let me know over Twitter!


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