Six Of The Most Picturesque Places In Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is notable for its historic riches, talk-of-the-town cuisine and vibrant culture.

Bagpipes often make melodies heard for miles; either making people come together to dance or sit and bop your head to the Sound of Scotland.

However, the Scottish capital is also an exciting place for photographers alike.

With many places framed and ready to be shot, there really isn’t any time to put the camera back in its bag. From street photography to night pictures, even selfies – there is many picturesque places awaiting another Instagram post.

I could go on and on about different postcard locations, however, I’ve compromised myself to talking about only six… So here is ‘Six Of The Most Picturesque Places In Edinburgh, Scotland’:

1. Circus Lane

Let’s begin with a spectacular one!

Circus Lane is one of the most postcardesque streets in Edinburgh.

From its cute alleyway to the fragrant flowers, Circus Lane should be the Oxford definition of pretty.

You can have a huge falling out with a best friend, stumble across Circus Lane and you are no longer frustrated that he ate the last bagel in the packet. It is the smoothing medicine for a stressful day.

The street is only a few minutes long but you can spend at least an hour here trying to get the perfect shot. Furthermore, both sides of the Lane has an iconic composition.

If you want to branch out your skills, you can set up the tripod – or get your Mum like I did – to get a wee photoshoot of yourself. Voila!

2. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most famous attractions in the Capital gathering millions of tourists and locals a year.

Obviously, it has been quiet due to the pandemic but that is when realisation kicked in, that this astounding monument of history is a photographer’s dream; not only for history-lovers!

When I travelled to the city post-lockdown I went up to the castle and was astonished to see that it was close to empty. I almost had the whole castle to myself! It was only the front (as the rest was closed) but that was enough to soak in the views with a few pictures.

Once the castle does herd the tourists again, try to be here as early as possible to get the greatest of shots.

3. Princes Street Gardens

Princes Street is probably the busiest new town street bang in the centre of Edinburgh. Trains arrive and depart there. Shops are crammed in as many places as possible and crowds make it impossible to see from one side to the other.

Also, you can’t forget the boundless traffic, trams and pigeons that make the street their home. Despite the hustle and bustle of this flagship street, you can escape it all at a park bench in Princes Street Gardens.

The Gardens are noteworthy for its iconic postcard shot of the castle and the fountain. This mix of subjects adds to the detail and gorgeousness of the city.

You can also take a peaceful walk among the trees; watching the squirrels play; or you can sit and eat your lunch surrounded by Edinburgh’s own nature.

While your down there, you can get epic shots of the Gardens, train station at the other side or the statues that commemorate the country’s vast history. The gardeners House is also situated in a stunning place, you’d be urged to get an Instagram Story of it.

4. Ramsay Garden

Another joyful location is the elegant Ramsay Garden.

Ramsay Garden is just round the corner from Edinburgh University and down the stairs from Edinburgh Castle. This hidden getaway offers for a delightful stroll with me, myself and I and the colours make each photo pop.

If I was really, really rich I’d stay here and everytime I wake up, I’d start the day with a new photo of my house. It is that beautiful.

5. Victoria Street

You ever wondered how J.K Rowling got inspired for the idea of Diagon Alley in her magical novel series, Harry Potter? This is it.

Victoria Street prideful stretches round a bend meaning multiple photos are a must to capture the entire street in your gallery.

The Alley has many cafes and restaurants meaning during your photography break you can dive into something edible before being mesmerised by the street again upon leaving.

There is even a Harry Potter store meaning this is quite the gathering for wizard-inspiring muggles.

6. Dean Village

This is a fairytale encapsulated.

Just south of Princes Street, Dean Village is an escape from the hords of people as you enter a dream world.

The architecture, relaxed river and ample greenery makes this village a huge contrast from the rest of the city’s tenements.

You could easily get lost strolling through this vibrant village as each house will have you in a trance. It just has a different appearance from everything else. It looks like it has some kind of European influence which means it is certainly going to be a pretty place to explore!

You could spend hours here taking photos that you even forget you are in Scotland! This is definitely the most picturesque place in Edinburgh.

However, if you disagree with me you can let me know in the comments. Or follow my Instagram for dreamy photos of all of the above!

Below is a vlog of me searching the capital for stunning views and trying to enhance my photography skills with a few clicks:

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