LOST IN TRAVEL: The Man Behind The Lens

LOST IN TRAVEL: The Man Behind The Lens

Where do I even begin??

Why not I pretend I am doing a speech at the Oscars or something… “Hello, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages and welcome to my little corner of the internet – Lost In Travel.”

Good enough?

Whether this is the first time you have bumped into me or you keep bumping into me – hi 🙂

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland @lostintravel.blog

I am Lewis Burzynski and I am a Scottish-based travel content-creator who loves capturing his memories in the form of .mp4 or raw footage respectively.

Travel has been in my life since I was a very young boy. My parents would occasionally take me on the traditional Brit “beach holiday” every few years but then eventually, in 2017, we adventured out on our first city break to Milan and Venice in Italy. I always enjoyed a little vacation and playing in the pool for hours but it was this trip that struck my cords in a way nothing has before. I saw historic sites, ate delicious food and felt the authentic Italian touch of its elegance and beauty in every shape and form.

Lake Como, Italy @lostintravel.blog

It is true that I caught the travel bug. From that trip on, I anticipated what was next before my plane had even landed from the last. We eagerly went back out to Italy again a few months later as we explored the Amalfi Coast and my assumptions were true – this wasn’t just something I’d “get over”. My love for seeing the world had blossomed into something that kept me motivated to wake up each day. It kept me thriving to keep going. Eventually, before I knew it, I’d be back on that plane taking off for my next adventure.

This travel bug took me far and wide to places such as Ireland, Florida, and Budapest. Each destination satisfiying my curiosity about culture and life.

Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia @lostintravel.blog

You may now be wondering what set me on this bold path to turn a passion into a career and it is quite simple actually. Time. It is one of the only things we can never get back once it’s gone.

Over lockdown, I required a new hobby besides the Witcher 3 and that is how Lost In Travel was born. I created my Instagram page, invested in learning photography basics and utilised my “one walk of the day” (remember that?) to go out with my camera and learn, learn, learn.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam @lostintravel.blog

It was a toilsome task but I was determined to take shots that I could look back on as memories of my explorations old and new. Yes, I want this to be my full-time career one day, however, I already benefit from my work by just reflecting on where my journey has led me to today.

Travel photography is inspiring, refreshing, and completely wholesome all at the same time. It shows a greater appreciation for our planet and the people and animals we share it with. It puts life into perspective. We are much more than us and we just need to use our eyes and look around us for the answers. That is travel in a nutshell. Content creation is the way I express this.

Sólheimajökull, Iceland @lostintravel.blog

What’s next?

Literally, in these last few weeks, I have sent away my Dissertation for a seal of approval on my Honours degree studying Theatre and Film Studies at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. With academic life behind me, I am now ready to put more priority towards this, my biggest passion, hence why the website has finally relaunched in all of its glory.

From next week, I will be embarking on the largest, most thrilling trip, probably of my entire life. This trip is something I will sit down with my grandkids and tell them about when I can barely walk, never mind exploring the world to this extent.

Gdansk, Poland @lostintravel.blog

On May 1st, I will interrail Europe for an entire 2 months solo. Just me, my camera and the stunning European architecture in my way. In the wise words of Shawn Mendes, there is Nothing Holding Me Back.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Interrailing Europe

And that is Lost In Travel. To sum it up, behind the lens, I am the same as in front of it; a boy with a dream so big, he could burst at times but at the same time, a dream that keeps me rooted and always up for the challenge. This dream has let me meet incredible people, do incredible things and live an incredible life that I can be proud of.

Reykjavik, Iceland @lostintravel.blog

Lost In Travel is a place where I hope you can learn within yourself that you are capable of going or doing whatever you put your mind to. Ultimately, we are lost but where we want to be. ❤


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