INTERRAILING: Going Around Europe for 2-months SOLO

INTERRAILING: Going Around Europe for 2-months SOLO

Howdy folks, this blog post is very late. I am already almost one week into this trip of a lifetime and I was planning to have it with you before I even reached France but oh well…

I guess this delay is just a further indication that I am swept off my feet with history, architecture, and Google Translate to even find the time to write this little blog.

Things should begin slowing down soon, but you know, Paris being Paris, even when using the metro, I walked over 20000 steps a day. Now that I have left the city of light, the door to posting the content (not just creating A TON) seems a lot brighter than before. Let’s begin with this short introduction…

Scotland – Croatia

Selfie in London, England.

So, my goal on this trip is to visit and tick off as many European destinations as possible. I wanted to see not only the major cities but the more quaint, authentic ones too. Meanwhile, I also wanted to photograph some of my dream landmarks, and if I found out they were en route, you are sure I would use any way imaginable to figure out how to not avoid them.

That is why my journey stretches so wide and far. Taking me through 12 of Europe’s most treasured countries. I left home on May 1st and won’t be returning until I get my flight back on July 2nd from Zagreb, Croatia.

Currently, I am in France, having already moved through London and Paris. Two huge cities back to back has definitely given me the realisation that I am on such an extensive experience. My friend, Joe, messaged me the other day stating “Isn’t it crazy how you have seen Big Ben & the Eiffel Tower in 24 hours?!”

Quite frankly, yes, it is.

Sunset over Westminster, London, England.

To keep up to date with the rest of my journey, please take a look at my Instagram. Over there is where you can find the most up-to-date content. Mainly, because I am not very patient and always want to instantly post after every great shot.

Furthermore, my Instagram is featuring stories that go through my day-to-day activities from start to finish so everyone can understand why my feet are sore… Although I don’t care, I’m on holiday.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.

On another note, I have also just launched a newsletter that you can sign up for here. LOST IN NEWS will give a larger breakdown of each week for those more passionately following along. The first episode will go live on Tuesday and will discuss my entire first week on this mind-blowing trip. You don’t want to miss it!

Also, you can read more about my newsletter here.


Waverley Train Station, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Finally, I also wanted to touch on the subject of my vlogs. I am definitely getting to a place where I am more comfortable with my style for them now. On the downside, I am still quite far behind on releasing them. Unlike photos which can take anywhere from 5-60mins each, editing vlogs often take 4-8 hours! This is because I put so much energy into making sure they are as professional as possible.

Don’t threat, though! I am still documenting my way around the world and have so much content to offer. Once I get that ball rolling, it shouldn’t stop. Therefore, vlogs are being created for this trip, and oh lord, there is going to be so many but right now, I need to fire through my previous trips because I prefer things when they are chronological.

If you SUBSCRIBE to my channel here, I aim to return to the Amalfi Coast this coming week with the Naples Vlog.

Please set your reminders!


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