The Hogwarts Express Heading Over Glenfinnan Viaduct | Vlog

In today’s video, I stand and watch the Jacobite go over Glenfinnan Viaduct – one of the most beautiful places in Scotland. This train was used as the Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter:

Meet Andrew! | Lost In Travel & Friends Q&A

Hello everyone and welcome to a Lost In Travel & Friends video! Today, I thought I shall introduce you to one of the greatest people I know – Andrew Stenhouse! In this video, he will answer all your questions in a Q&A session:

Day 9. Shopping At Florida Mall! Hogwarts Light Display!

8th September 2018 So our holiday is going astonishingly quickly, and even though we have done so much it feels like we have done it in so little time. I always believe that a holiday isn’t satisfactory unless you can say you have accomplished something. I think I have succeeded quite a lot on thisContinue reading “Day 9. Shopping At Florida Mall! Hogwarts Light Display!”

Day 4. Universal & Shopping

3rd September 2018 Plans kept on changing due to the unpredictable weather conditions Florida was supposed to be having. Originally, Busch Gardens was our main plan. Then, we decided shopping and then Universal. This then swapped around & I am glad it did as it ended up being a great day! Firstly, we parked upContinue reading “Day 4. Universal & Shopping”