Day 9. Shopping At Florida Mall! Hogwarts Light Display!

8th September 2018

So our holiday is going astonishingly quickly, and even though we have done so much it feels like we have done it in so little time. I always believe that a holiday isn’t satisfactory unless you can say you have accomplished something. I think I have succeeded quite a lot on this extravaganza. I have swam with dolphins, dropped down a volcano, and got through the basically the whole lot of Universal in a day.

So, I can say, we do deserve a nice relaxing day today. That is the reason for just wandering around the shops, then heading for Universal: Islands of Adventure; once free parking is available (6pm), to go watch the light festival over at the magical Hogwarts castle.

Shopping was quite eventful. We went to the lovely Florida Mall and I used the most money I have used so far, but that was its purpose. I got myself a few discounted pop vinyls, a nice Hollister hoodie, a few wrestling tees and a lovely gift for my friend Khaine.

After shopping my belly was concerned about food once again, so I filled grub into it when we all travelled to the Golden Corral for dinner. 2 buffets in a row is fine… I filled up quickly and I enjoyed each thing I placed on my plate. Mainly, the honey chicken.

Once the time ticked 6pm, we got into Universal parking for free. The car came to a halt at the E.T section and we got through security into the city walk fairly quickly afterwards. I made fun of my Uncle Graeme doing the exact pose he did in 2016 beside the iconic globe, then we entered Islands of Adventure. My fingerprint decided to scam itself again – by not scanning – but was actually a lot better than usual.

The 1st ride, we went on was one we never even knew existed. The Cat in the Hat ride. It was only a small cart that took you around the story of Cat in the Hat but at least I have now got on it. It actually broke down halfway, but it wasn’t for long.

After this, we entered the abyss as we got into a new area for us. We went to see the Poseidon’s Fury show. At first, this was a mystery to us. We never knew if we would come out saying that was fantastic, scary, we get soaked or anything else. We never knew what to expect. I was fairly pleased, with the final outcome though. It was a show about a girl trying to find Poseidon’s trident and bring him back to life. The coolest part of this show was when the water started to swirl around us, I felt like Moses.

After this, we stood at the bridge at Hogwarts for about 25 minutes awaiting the highly praised light show. This was colourful, gave a nice introduction into the world of Harry Potter and even had a few fireworks whiz into the dusky sky. This ended a peaceful night at Universal.

To end our evening, we went to Walmart to pick up more juice and food for in the morning. As you can see, we used this day to rest up, but I never really, as the shopping forced me onto the move. But we still haven’t done lots of opportunistic tasks, that would take a while to talk about here. So, I hope you enjoyed this easy ride and will enjoy reading the next one. Bye Bye!


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