Day 8. Aquatica! Glow In The Dark Golf!

7th September 2018

I love waterparks. They have great rides, fun experiences and cool you down from the blazing sun! Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach were really enjoyable, but our enjoyment was limited as our bare skinned feet were roasting on the dry ground under. I felt like I was walking on an oven. For the waterparks I visited this year; Volcano Bay & Aquatica, we all decided to wear water shoes, and they increase that enjoyment because you don’t need to worry about crispy burnt feet wedges.

As soon, as we entered SeaWorld’s water park – Aquatica, we saw the most gorgeous species of dolphin ever! The Commerson’s dolphin! They were black & white in colour, like pandas of the ocean. They had a smile, that forced you to smile back. They swam in all directions, showing off their elegant skills. They mainly swam upside down; which I later found out with the help of Google, this enhances their vision for catching fish & squid. They were much smaller in size compared to the usual bottlenose, this made them very cute!

After visiting these mini orcas, we went to our locker and got ready to embrace Aquatica. Our first ride was a ring speeding down Walhalla wave. This was fun, so we decided to re-ride. After this, we headed into the river rapids. This was really fast and made me twist & turn with ease. I enjoy, putting that life jacket on and just going zooming through the water. Then we headed to the wave pool, which was enjoyable. After this, a storm was incoming and slowed down our excursion, as it temporarily closed a few rides. I just had to keep in my head: “this was for our safety as we don’t want to be electrocuted by lightning.”

Once the rides opened back up, we went straight for the busiest ride; as it was the newest attraction in the park – Ray Rush. This was really fun, and probably my favourite ride in the park. The raft actually left the ground & we were soaked. The next few raft rides were really fast and entertaining.

My Dad, Lauren & I also took the dolphin plunge, which was too quick to even glance at the Commerson’s.

My Dad & I also took the purple plunge at Breakaway falls. I wasn’t in the mood for being dropped again, so I chose the one I could let go myself.

Once the bad weather left again, we all paced up to our last ride, the racer one. We all raced down the slide on our mats – My Dad was the winner.

To end our time at Aquatica, we all played in the water zone, getting splashed with lots and lots of water!!!Aquatica is a really fun waterpark, but Volcano Bay is definitely my favourite water park in the whole of Orlando!

After splashing around, we were all starving, so we headed straight for dinner at Cici’s pizza buffet. I ate loads. Pepperoni pizza, cheese & tomato pizza, supreme & meat feast pizza, bbq pork pizza. By the end of my meal, I must have scoffed up 9 slices! I also fed myself lovely garlic bread and another bread that was the daily special. It was like a cinnamon garlic bread. It tasted nice, but I wouldn’t have said it was part of my main meal. Lastly, I slowly digested 3 brownies. Lauren was spoon feeding me for some reason, and I can’t believe I actually finished it. I was struggling on finishing my apple Fanta though.

To end our night, we played glow in the dark golf. This was really entertaining, funny & was a change to the usual theme park stuff we were doing. I still can’t believe Lauren got a hole in 1; which she was very giddy about. At the end of the game, my Dad was 1st, Lauren was 2nd, I was in 3rd place, then my Mum was last.

This tired us all out, we went straight back to the hotel after seeing a plane parked up in International drive. We got straight back in the hotel and went to bed. We all came to an executive decision that the next day was going to be a slow, calm day to get us all into the spirit of things. So we were going to go visit the malls & outlets, then go to Universal at night. I hope you will all give that a read, and enjoyed reading this one. As you can see, my first week has been a blast & my Dad is braver than we all thought. See you all later, bye!


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