Europe’s LARGEST Dolphin Colony At FORT GEORGE! | Vlog

Hello everyone and welcome to the first part of my Scottish Staycation! Today, we head to Fort George and do a bit of Dolphin spotting whilst being immersed in Jacobitian History:

Day 10. Feeding A Walrus And Meeting 5 Other Animals At SeaWorld

9th September 2018 As you know, my favourite opportunity thus far here in the Sunshine state is swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove. I couldn’t believe how intelligent these creatures are and how much I would learn just being up & close to this incredible species. So, of course, I wanted to add more opportunitiesContinue reading “Day 10. Feeding A Walrus And Meeting 5 Other Animals At SeaWorld”

Day 8. Aquatica! Glow In The Dark Golf!

7th September 2018 I love waterparks. They have great rides, fun experiences and cool you down from the blazing sun! Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach were really enjoyable, but our enjoyment was limited as our bare skinned feet were roasting on the dry ground under. I felt like I was walking on an oven. ForContinue reading “Day 8. Aquatica! Glow In The Dark Golf!”

Day 6. Discovery Cove – Swimming With Dolphins Is A One Of A Kind Experience!

5th September 2018 A few months ago, I screamed with a passion, when I found out my Parents booked a once in a lifetime experience at Discovery Cove. I knew that this organisation is a way to swim with my favourite animals – dolphins! I admire the way they leap out of the water elegantly,Continue reading “Day 6. Discovery Cove – Swimming With Dolphins Is A One Of A Kind Experience!”


Hello everyone and welcome on here to the conclusion of the Island Hopping the Outer Hebrides series! In today’s part, we spend our last day on the islands and then adventure across the Isle of Skye before heading home!

Day 9. Isle Of Skye! Home Time!

July 29th 2019 Waking up earlier than the rising Sun was just the risk we needed to take when it comes to leaving the Outer Hebrides a day early. We have seen what we had to see and the weather is predicted to get progressively worse as the week goes on. Being comfortable in myContinue reading “Day 9. Isle Of Skye! Home Time!”