Day 9. Isle Of Skye! Home Time!

July 29th 2019

Waking up earlier than the rising Sun was just the risk we needed to take when it comes to leaving the Outer Hebrides a day early. We have seen what we had to see and the weather is predicted to get progressively worse as the week goes on. Being comfortable in my bedroom sounds like heaven on Earth during that rainstorm.

Fortunately, there was enough room on this ferry unlike last time – we were going home!

I was determined to see dolphins this time. I never even sat down as I never wanted to miss their playfulness as they leap out the water. I had to be patient. I had to keep look out. Firstly, we where sitting in the lounge area. I was just staring out the window but all I saw was jellyfish, a few fish and the waves created by the ferry’s force. I then decided to go a wee walk around the ferry’s enclosed walls. This led me to finding out this ferry does have an outside area – when I came to Harris last month, we couldn’t find the outdoors! It was nice and sunny. We then migrated to the back of the boat and watched the wide ocean do it’s thing.

Just before we arrived in Uig, Skye, my determination paid off. A pod of dolphins ‘showed fin’ and came out to greet us. It was a sight to behold. My heart warmed – I just love dolphins!

The isle of Skye was like a whole new world compared to the Outer Hebrides. The mountains were bigger, the cliffs were larger and the crowd was busier. In the Outer Hebrides, I could be strolling along the beach or trekking up a mountain with only me, myself and I. In Skye, the tourists were out in the masses. But I guess it is just something we have to put up with…

1st location on the list was the incredible mealt falls! This waterfall was so clear and so beautiful as it crashed down the cliff into the rocks below. Due to the flock of tourists, my Dad left without even seeing the waterfall. At least we have a lot more waterfalls on the Isle of Skye to see…

On the drive around the lush grasslands, we saw the old man of storr sat on top of the mountain. Positioned with great power and inspiration. It was a mighty sight.

Lealt falls was next and these waterfalls were so peaceful to watch. Once the falls completed at the start of the river, you could take a relaxing stroll to the end and see it handshaking the sea.

We had lunch/dinner at ‘The Chippy’ in the vibrant town of Portree. I went for a sausage supper and gobbled it all up. Portree was different from your ordinary town. It was so colourful! I decided to pay for ice cream to keep us refreshed and energised. I had passionfruit and caramel which tingled my tastebuds with passion. I still prefer being in the middle of the Skyelands than in the busy towns.

Silgachan bridge, surrounded by the Cuellin hills was ancient and interesting. It was amazing how it stood up the tests of time. The landscape of Cuellin hills had me basking in their glory.

Lastly, we trekked up to the magical fairy pools. If you ever think of seeing them yourself, remember it is £5 to park your car. This was a blissful visit.

On the way home, we stopped of near Skye Bridge to see our Uncle Andy’s commemorative bench and plaque. Uncle Andy passed away due to the impact of the waters of Skye. It just shows how careful you need to be near the ocean. It is a dangerous place. It was nice to see his memories flowing through the heart of Skye.

We also went to the picturesque castle of Eilean Donan. The reflection laid on the top layer of the water and it truly was magnificent.

Heading home left some unimaginable sights! The highlands are an epic place with a luxurious landscape. The scenery was stunning and wowed me at each corner.

Due to a diversion, we got a little lost and never made it home until 11.30pm. By this time, it was dusky and chilly. We just had to go to bed and put a close to our island hopping adventure.

Thanks for reading ❤


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