Day 8. Another Day In Paradise!

July 28th 2019

So, still being on the beautiful Outer Hebridian islands meant we needed to explore a little further. Be grateful that we are blessed to have this on our doorstep.

For the 1st time on this trip, we didn’t wake until 9am. Early awakening is essential on these trips as the outdoors are often quieter. It does eventually cave in though and leaves you as a sleepy mess. We are still recovering from sleeping in the car! Getting up at this time felt so sweet and we were ready for the day ahead.

We started with checking out the Alpaca Cafe. I went last time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, to unknown circumstances the cafe was closed. We could still see the animals though. The alpacas were sheared and seemed to be quite nude under the cosy wool. The Indian runner ducks still appeared to be the meerkats of Lewis. The afro chickens still strutted their funky stuff and the peacock’s (1 turquoise and 1 white) still showed off their graceful beauty.

2nd location visited was the tiny island of Great Bernera. On the drive there, we saw a white-tailed eagle hunting for its breakfast. We visited Bosta Beach and ate custard creams with a view.

After this, we returned to the Isle of Lewis and went for lunch/dinner. This was a difficulty due to Sunday traditions of the day bringing rest. Eventually we found a place – the Edge Cafe. This honestly looked like it was the owners kitchen!

Another beach was next as we strolled along Uig Sands. The waves were coming in, in all shapes and sizes. You maybe thinking all we have seen on this trip is beaches, but Scotland is seriously underappreciated when it comes to their luxurious seasides. Each beach is unique too: some have stunning vibrant colours, some have smooth silky sands, some have the clearest waters. Every single beach has left me gasping and wanting to see more!

The midges chased us back to the car to end the day.

Lastly, we checked out the sea stacks, which gloriously withstood the impact of the waves as it stood upright in the ocean.

I have to say, this has been a fantastic experience. Each island, each beach, each sheep, cow, highland coo, deer (I saw 1), pig and eagle has reinvented me and made me think of my position on Earth in a new light. I have a new deep appreciation for Scotland, my country, and the elegance it brings.

You must visit the Outer Hebrides!


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