Day 7. Ferry Too Full! Hushinish Beach!

July 27th 2019

Today was supposed to be the day that we left the Outer Hebrides behind us. With our hair blowing in the wind, we were supposed to reach the Isle of Skye & mainland Scotland by afternoon.

This wasn’t the case though. I am still on the Isles of Lewis & Harris and here’s why:

Shortening the trip has meant we are booked for different times to travel on the CalMac ferries. Therefore, whenever we go for a ferry early, we are risking our chance of getting on. We were lucky on Barra & Uist, but of course the ferry from Tarbert to Uig will be busy. On a Saturday as well, we really were over our heads. Seeing the employee tell us there was no more room left us in gloom. But it couldn’t last long. We just had to be thankful that we could explore these islands for an extra few days and reevaluate our game plan.

It was a constant struggle trying to find fresh accommodation. Everywhere was full. We were even lucky enough to have a women who’s B&B is filled up, phone other B&B’S to help us out. The people are so friendly here.

Eventually, we found a place to stay up near the Blackhouses & Callanish Stones on the Isle of Lewis.

The weather wasn’t as cheerful as the last few days, but we never moped and decided to trek to the Golden Eagle observatory. Unfortunately, we never seen anything, but if the weather was better, situation may have been different. Instead we were being pestered by midges. I hate those annoying, wee insects.

On the road to Hushinish Beach, we came across a heron and plenty of sheep & cows – which kept blocking the road. This just increased the extremity of this drive as each slope my Dad paced up, he thought the car was going to fall of the edge. Instead it ended up being a rollercoaster ride!

Hushinish Beach was just as perfect as every other beach on these islands. My Dad & Lauren helped out a sheep and her lamb, who were trapped in the carpark between cattle grids. They had to open the gate and guide the sheep to safety. Good deeds all round.

It was about 8.15pm by the time we arrived at our airB&B on the Isle of Lewis. Our host seems very friendly and the rooms seem very nice & cosy. She even gave us some fudge as a treat! Aww!

We found out that the hotel nearby stops serving food at 8pm. Our host told us to still try them out and just say she sent us. It was worth a chance! We were hungry.

Instead of turning away customers, they sat us down and we ordered food. I went for lasagne because garlic bread is godsend food. A very nice meal to end our evening.

The new game plan: we are still booked for the Tuesday ferry but hoping on leaving earlier than this. Being booked for this airB&B until Monday, we are going to hope to get on the ferry Monday morning, if not, try again Monday afternoon. These adventures not being plain-sailing just adds to the fun and I can’t wait to see where it takes us next! 😁


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