Day 6. Isle of Harris! Lavish Luskentyre Beach!

July 26th 2019

Delightfully, even though our holiday has been cut short, we have managed to travel around all the planned islands on this hopping adventure. I feel satisfied with how much I have seen and done. Therefore, it hasn’t bothered me to a great deal that the Isle of Harris is my last island.

I think this is a remarkable bookending for this blog. Harris was the 1st island I visited in the Outer Hebrides – where I cycled and vigorously trekked the eastern part of the island with my friends. It just seems fitting for my return, to finish this island hopping trip with the attractive Isle of Harris.

Up early and on a great adventure once again. Arriving in Harris gave some awesome scenic views as we drove past rocky terrain, sparkling lochs and grazing sheep – which I’ve turned a leaf on. They aren’t as scary as I remembered.

We arrived in the miniature town of Tarbert at about 10am. My Parents decided to buy some of the iconic Harris gin from the Isle of Harris distillery, I had a sausage butty from a local bbq happening at the Tarbert pier and we visited the Harris Tweed shop. I see this profession in a new light now after watching how the cosy material was formed in the blackhouses. I bought my Mum a late birthday present and we returned to the car to travel to our next destination.

St Clements Church was small but held great origin. It had the islands history flowing within.

My Dad was wanting a coffee so we ended up at the Temple Cafe next. This cafe appeared to be in some kind of Hobbit house. It was very characteristic. Instead of just getting a coffee, we had our lunch here; going for the scrumptious roasted garlic, sweet potato & thyme soup. This came with homemade bread which I thought was the best part of the meal. They tried their best to create soup art with the garlic which I respected. This allowed the bread to become garlic bread after each dunk.

We walked from there to the fascinating salt marshes. From a scenery standpoint, the way these were positioned was fascinating to photograph and look at.

After this, we sunk our feet into the smooth white sands of Luskentyre. I was expecting to visit this beach on my last journey north, however this ambition was too needy. Seeing it this time made me literally say “wow” at the sharp sand dunes darting across the sand. The seashore was long and filled with tranquillity. The turquoise waters were exciting to watch and cold to dip your feet into. Creating sandcastles, being hit by the waves and failing at cartwheels on the beach created a really enjoyable atmosphere. It was family time at its finest.

The time flew by like the Golden Eagles that grace these lands. It was 6pm and we had to return to the cottage in Stornoway for our bbq tea. This was a great meal to end our Outer Hebrides journey.

Next time, we will be hoping to get on the ferry to the Isle of Skye. If successful, we will explore some of Skye before heading home. I can’t wait as travelling through Skye last time was perfect. It looks superbly beautiful. 💖

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