Day 5. Isle Of Lewis Has Some Of The Most Beautiful Beaches On The Planet?!

July 25th 2019

Wow. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything was rushing into my face; the wind, the splashes of the waves, the fresh air, but most of all, the beauty of the landscape. It was mesmerising! The Isle of Lewis has beaches that could put the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Middle East to shame. It certainly is competition for some of the best beaches in existence!

I woke up at 6.30am, very hot and still a little tired – it is true that Brits moan when it is cold and moan when it is hot. I should just appreciate that decent weather has finally hit this holiday; and it definitely makes it more enjoyable!We left the cottage at around 8am to head to the mysterious Callanish Stones. I saw these stones, last time I came up this way, but the rest of my party hadn’t seen them yet. The scenery on the way there was very fascinating. The background mountains were tainted in fog, whereas the foreground grasslands and wooded areas, were vividly impressive.

The Callanish Stones looked just as interesting as they did before. However, I do recommend going early – it allows you to get some photos before a crowd appears!

We got a bit hungry after this, so we had scones in the visitor centre.

The next hotspot on our list was visiting the blackhouses. These houses are what the locals of the land used to live in before the modernised houses came into fruition. They were very ancient looking, even though the last family moved out in 1974! It is crazy how much the present day locals have changed but also stayed connected to their ancestors. I love a bit of history in the morning.

The worst part about the blackhouses was how much their fires stink. They never used coal to heat up the house and instead used peat. Yes, they used bits of dirt! No wonder, why it was a disgusting smell; and the smoke flared up in my eyes. I still highly recommend visiting them though. There is multiple to see with one owned by Historic Scotland. It always helps to better your appreciation of the land and enhance your understanding on diversity by exploring different cultures and traditions.

Dalmore Beach was the next destination and I’m happy it was because I was in awe over the silk-like sand and cheerful waves which smacked (with some force) into the rocks nearby. I could honestly watch these waves for hours. So therapeutic!

We got a little peckish later in our trip, so we headed to a nearby cafe. This one was called the ‘Wobbly Dog’. A dog-friendly cafe that sells delicious cake and the owners are pleasantly friendly. I went for a chocolate orange cheesecake which I agree with the man was better than Terry’s chocolate orange! We then spoke to him for a while, were we found out he adopted a dog from Gran Canaria – a place that doesn’t appreciate dogs as pets as much as we do. We got to meet his dog and learn about his cause were he tries to help the poor dogs of Spain. A very nice man that I’m pleased to have the honour of meeting.

Finally, we drove where we could go no further! The isles of: Vatersay, Barra, Eriskay, South Uist, Benbacula, North Uist, Bernerie, Harris & Lewis had led us to this moment. We where at the tippity top of the Outer Hebrides – the butt of Lewis! The rugged Cliffside was stunning! The waves crashed down below, the seabirds nested in the cracks, the lighthouse looked on as a guide for the guideless. The view was so picturesque and lovely. Just watch your step! You don’t want to fall over the side. Or worse. See me getting a photoshoot of my Lewis butt on the Butt of Lewis. Great pun…

Our next beach, I’d probably say was my favourite beach, not just in the Outer Hebrides or Scotland, but my favourite beach in the world! Out of every beach I’ve seen (and I’ve seen my fair share of beaches) this was the one I found most ravishing.

This beach had crystal, see-through water, which you would never guess to see in the UK. The sand was ever so shiny! I could sit here for hours and still be intrigued into the calm waves reaching the seashore. This was a heart-fluttering moment.


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