Hello everyone and welcome on here to my Isle of Harris vlog! This special video features my 4-day journey up to the Hebridian island, where we cycle, travel up to the Isle of Lewis to see the Callanish stones and much more!

Day 4. The End Of A Fantastic Trip

14th June 2019 I couldn’t believe it. I managed 4 full days without the assistance of my Parents. I managed to travel over 100 miles away from home and back again in one piece! Sleepily, I turned of my much-needed alarm at 5.15am. Getting up at that time is tough, but it was truly more difficultContinue reading “Day 4. The End Of A Fantastic Trip”

Day 1. Journey To Harris

11th June 2019 Before I speak of my next adventure, I want to let you know what put a spanner in the works… Last Friday, I went on my usual cycle training – preparing for the voyage to Harris. We all went on dirt tracks, past fields, water & saw some spectacular views of my DunfermlineContinue reading “Day 1. Journey To Harris”

Day 9. Isle Of Skye! Home Time!

July 29th 2019 Waking up earlier than the rising Sun was just the risk we needed to take when it comes to leaving the Outer Hebrides a day early. We have seen what we had to see and the weather is predicted to get progressively worse as the week goes on. Being comfortable in myContinue reading “Day 9. Isle Of Skye! Home Time!”

Day 7. Ferry Too Full! Hushinish Beach!

July 27th 2019 Today was supposed to be the day that we left the Outer Hebrides behind us. With our hair blowing in the wind, we were supposed to reach the Isle of Skye & mainland Scotland by afternoon. This wasn’t the case though. I am still on the Isles of Lewis & Harris andContinue reading “Day 7. Ferry Too Full! Hushinish Beach!”