Camping In The Scottish Highlands | Here’s What To Expect…

Hey guys! Today, I take you on a camping trip into the Scottish Highlands during the peak of Summer! Follow me, Aidan and Stobie on an adventure filled with Midges, Uno, and the breathtaking scenery Scotland graced us with:


Hello everyone and welcome on here to my Isle of Harris vlog! This special video features my 4-day journey up to the Hebridian island, where we cycle, travel up to the Isle of Lewis to see the Callanish stones and much more!

Day 4. The End Of A Fantastic Trip

14th June 2019 I couldn’t believe it. I managed 4 full days without the assistance of my Parents. I managed to travel over 100 miles away from home and back again in one piece! Sleepily, I turned of my much-needed alarm at 5.15am. Getting up at that time is tough, but it was truly more difficultContinue reading “Day 4. The End Of A Fantastic Trip”

Day 3. The Callanish Stones

13th June 2019 “Mystery” is the key word for today’s blog. Mystery of the stones. Mystery why the chippy was closed at 7pm. 7am was our usual get up, we all had frosties and we were “ready” for the day ahead! The bus came at 8.30am and to our bewilderment it was a small mini busContinue reading “Day 3. The Callanish Stones”

Day 2. Cycling Southern Harris

12th June 2019 The most ambitious, thrilling day of my life had finally arrived. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous and close to death before until now… Today was the day we were cycling some of Southern Harris. We got up at 7am to a squeaky “Good Morning Aidan” voice recorded alarm –Continue reading “Day 2. Cycling Southern Harris”

Day 1. Journey To Harris

11th June 2019 Before I speak of my next adventure, I want to let you know what put a spanner in the works… Last Friday, I went on my usual cycle training – preparing for the voyage to Harris. We all went on dirt tracks, past fields, water & saw some spectacular views of my DunfermlineContinue reading “Day 1. Journey To Harris”