Day 4. The End Of A Fantastic Trip

14th June 2019

I couldn’t believe it. I managed 4 full days without the assistance of my Parents. I managed to travel over 100 miles away from home and back again in one piece!

Sleepily, I turned of my much-needed alarm at 5.15am. Getting up at that time is tough, but it was truly more difficult getting up at that time, getting ready and checking out at 6am for the taxi home. I luckily pulled through, but the hostel staff member must have slept in as she wasn’t at checkout.

No matter, the taxi turned up and we had to leave. It was the same kind taxi driver as the last occasions – which gets me thinking he might be the only one in Harris. 😂

The ferry deported at 7.20am, leaving the island in the misty weather. We all decided to eat delicious pancakes for breakfast, and sat tight for the end of the excursion. Stobie still disliked it.

After the ferry, and slippery ramp, it was time to go on our 1st bus of many on this holiday finale. The scenery was just as beautiful as the last. The sky touching forces with the ground and just perfecting the environment. Skye looked stunning. As did everything else. If it wasn’t for the view, I probably would have got ratty at my sore butt. It’s a long time to sit! Of course the sun decided to show face when we left. Typical!

Ultimately, Harris wasn’t the dangerous endeavour. Glasgow was. Sorry Glaswegians, but there is a reason I don’t visit regularly. The sights I saw as I went to KFC for food were enough. Junkies everywhere. A guy talking to about 30 pigeons (some on top of him!) With a pram nearby – we titled him “the pigeon whisperer”.

It felt loving, to be greeted by my Parents upon returning. Going away just proves how much love I have for them. This was a spectacular trip, shared with spectacular people – I don’t think I’ve laughed as much! I would certainly visit the world with each of them!

This trip was tiring, beautiful and therapeutic all at once. I handled many challenges, expertly and had a new level of satisfaction with my country.

I was so pleased to have returned to the Isle of Harris – including other western isles – a few weeks later, when I done a road trip with the Parents and Lauren. The 1st blog series on the Lost In Travel website!


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