Day 3. The Callanish Stones

13th June 2019

“Mystery” is the key word for today’s blog. Mystery of the stones. Mystery why the chippy was closed at 7pm.

7am was our usual get up, we all had frosties and we were “ready” for the day ahead! The bus came at 8.30am and to our bewilderment it was a small mini bus full of school kids. You can tell how small the island is because everyone knew the bus drivers name. We were the odd ones out. Stobie couldn’t shut the bus door, so embarrassingly, a little school girl done it for him.

This bus dropped us off in Tarbert. After a wander in the Harris Tweed shop, we got on our next bus up to Stornoway. Stornoway was on my island – the Isle of Lewis. This journey was about an hour but the landscape & talking to my Mum engaged me throughout.

Once in Stornoway, we headed to Tesco. This was filled with the usual Tesco stuff. We gathered up lunch for the trip home.

The bus to Callanish was just as exciting as the rest. Strangely, the bus driver stopped off at his house to let his dog in. No one batted an eyelid!

Before we witnessed the mysterious Callanish Stones, we ate at the visitors cafe. I had a hot chocolate and scone. Delightful!

The Callanish Stones withstood the windy weather and rainy session. The origins are a mystery. To you, it may look like a normal stone. But there was something fascinating about their leaning posture as they dug into the ground. We spotted some more stones in the distance. Mysterious indeed.

After this, we headed for the Alpaca Cafe. This was further away than we anticipated but nevertheless, it was exciting.

The Alpacas stared at us in an intimidating fashion as we walked past. Their woolly fleece made them look like adorable teddies though, so I wasn’t intimidated. The cafe appeared to be the owners shed, but it had a tasty fudge & Peru themed hot chocolate (I know – 2 hot chocolates in 1 day?!). Peru hot chocolate tastes just like normal hot chocolate.

This place had other animals; sheep, peacocks, afro chickens and the weirdest ducks I have ever seen.

Once we returned to Tarbet, we went for our most anticipated chippy but unfortunately the chippy was closed…. At 7pm?!

Instead, we headed to a burger van round the corner. I got sausages & chips to dedicate to my good friend, Joseph. (He loves that meal.)

Finally, we got a taxi back to the Hostel and prepared for the voyage home, which takes place in the early hours of the morning.


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