Hello everyone and welcome on here to my Isle of Harris vlog! This special video features my 4-day journey up to the Hebridian island, where we cycle, travel up to the Isle of Lewis to see the Callanish stones and much more!

Day 4. The End Of A Fantastic Trip

14th June 2019 I couldn’t believe it. I managed 4 full days without the assistance of my Parents. I managed to travel over 100 miles away from home and back again in one piece! Sleepily, I turned of my much-needed alarm at 5.15am. Getting up at that time is tough, but it was truly more difficultContinue reading “Day 4. The End Of A Fantastic Trip”

Day 2. Cycling Southern Harris

12th June 2019 The most ambitious, thrilling day of my life had finally arrived. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous and close to death before until now… Today was the day we were cycling some of Southern Harris. We got up at 7am to a squeaky “Good Morning Aidan” voice recorded alarm –Continue reading “Day 2. Cycling Southern Harris”