Day 5. Leaving Lisbon With A Bit Of My Heart 💖

Hi all, this is a quick blog post to tell you how my final few hours of an everlasting memory went down.

I was up, showered and ready by 7am – only thing remaining was an empty stomach.

After my final breakfast at Hostel 4U, we handed over the keys. I totally recommend this hostel. Staff were exceptionally friendly and willing to help in anyway they could for my Uncle’s missing wallet. The room was also up to a standard I wasn’t expecting for a hostel. It was very cosy and gave us the necessities of staying in the city centre.

On our way to the transportation for the airport, we strolled past the magnificent sights that have occupied us for the past few days. Heading into Rossio square and just taking it all in. I have explored Lisbon. I was independent. I enjoyed myself.

Trying to find the transport proved to be an avoidable struggle. We had no idea if Google was pointing us towards tram, bus or train and wandered around the square, pointlessly for a few minutes. Anxiety was growing as the time ticked away. Mad thoughts travelled through my mind: “What if I miss the plane and never return?”.

Finally, we figured out the Metro was our method of journeying back to the airport. This could have been avoided as the day before we stepped down into the underground but only saw stairs heading back up. If we went left, we would have saw a vast area open up. I can’t believe we just assumed it was stairs heading underground – only to head back up to the surface.

We took 2 metro’s and this got us to Lisbon airport in time.

Leaving this place behind, left an old, inexperienced part of me too. I had changed. I knew how to look after myself in a strange environment. I knew how to handle my money on a holiday. I developed my inner-freedom that was waiting to be unleashed. I even had to take responsibility over my Uncle when his wallet went missing. I had changed.

Lisbon has been a growing, amazing experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

There we go. I hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. If you did – enjoy my 2 vlogs that will come out very soon!

Catch ya with the next travelling adventure 😁


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