Day 10. York

14th April 2019

Wowzers! Hasn’t time flew by?! Last week we were away sailing down in southern England. This morning we were getting packed to leave the Travel Lodge, go on a detour to York then return to our crib. The sad part of travel is that it needs to end, however, on the bright side, with one journey completed, another can begin. 😁

We firstly had a 50 minute car journey to the Rawcliffe Bar park & ride. We got on the bus, all set for York, then immediately my Granny noticed she left her phone back at the P&R toilets! *FACEPALM*.

Luckily, she got it back safely…

York was incredible. One foot off the bus and I saw the amazing York Minster. We still never got rid of the geese and the houses were very pretty. With its majestic architecture, narrow alleyway’s and fascinating history it gave me a certain Edinburgh vibe. I love my capital city very much, and this just heightened my appreciation for this bustling town. Only problem was that it was immensely busy, but what do you expect to happen in a compact town that has a lot to offer?

We walked the city walls, which I dubbed “The Great Wall of York”, sang ‘The grand old duke of York’ and had a great time. Taking in the beautiful scenery inside the walls.

We had a snack in Greggs to keep us going, and visited the Shambles. Such a cool street that was wonky in shape – quite similar to Diagon Alley in Harry Potter – even though that is actually based on the Royal mile in Edinburgh!

If my Grandad never had us in Viking shops, we were exploring the great alleyways and streets of York. One, which is called ‘Whip Ma Whop Ma Gate’ – this is the shortest street in the whole of York!

The Minster that stood tall in the city was stunning. It took me back to when I glanced in awe at the Milan duemo for the 1st time. A true “wow” moment. Due to prices and knackered Grandparents, we decided not to pay to go inside and up the Minster, but it certainly gives me a reason to return and see this extraordinary city in its full depth!

After our exciting adventure to York it was time to head North and get back to reality. The journey was restless and quite boring yet again, but I kept my eyes open to see the borders merge and create an amazing atmosphere.

Don’t get me wrong, I love England, but my country is truly breath-taking. Travelling through the borders is definitely something, everyone should try at least once.

We grabbed a chippy once we returned to my Grannies & Grandads. I had a lovely pizza, but to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t really in the mood for. It does the trick though for preventing tummy rumblings. Once we said farewell to our fantastic Grandparents – it was highly entertaining spending a week with their nonsense, day-dreamy attitudes – it was time to return home. END OF BLOG.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my splendid journey to the Norfolk Broads then a day trip in York as it was awesome writing and highlighting my favourite moments of the trip. Now that I am home, I’ve realised that holiday was just the therapy I desired. I became stress-free for my exams (it crept back soon after) and I was calm. Life was back to a tranquil state. I couldn’t wait to finish my exams, finish school and begin my next set of adventures!


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